(Episode 10) Time and Tide … A Fascinating Story!

It has been more than three weeks since Anna accepted Ken back and he has never mentioned marriage or going to see her people to her again. It begins to dawn on her that he may be playing her after all. That night after work, she makes up her mind to talk to him. When she gets home, the door is locked, she checks her bag for her spare key and she can’t find it. “I told Ken to always keep the spare key under the foot mat outside whenever he is going out but he keeps forgetting. Now see, I can’t find my own key and I don’t know when he will be back”. She dials his number and it is switched off. As she is outside contemplating on what to do, her landlord drives in and sees her.

Landlord: “Ah, I have been looking for you all these days; you go out before I wake up in the morning and I don’t even know when you return in the night”.

Anna: “Oga landlord, good evening, sir”.

Landlord: “Evening o, when are you moving in with me?”

Anna: “How do you mean, I don’t understand”.

Landlord: “I gave you two weeks to break up with your good for nothing boyfriend; its three weeks and I haven’t heard anything from you. Do you want me to reopen his case and send you packing? Remember that you haven’t paid me the rent you owe me”

Anna: “No now, oga landlord. I thought you said you love me, how can you send me packing. I am really working hard to send him away, just give me more time, please. We will soon be together”.

Landlord: “You keep saying that all the time and yet you do not make any effort to send him away. Listen, I give you the grace of extra two weeks, if you don’t do anything before that time, I will send you packing and your boyfriend will rot in jail”.

Anna: “Okay. Two weeks then”, she replied a lot going through her mind.

As she just finished talking to the landlord, Ken walks in, hisses at the landlord, ignores Anna and walks into the room. Anna noticing the change in his mood and afraid that he may come out to make trouble dismisses the landlord and goes in to meet Ken who is already pacing up and down, fuming with anger.

Ken: “What the hell were you doing out there talking to that shameless womanizer?”

Anna: “I was talking to him about the house rent that we owe him”.

Ken: “My friend will you shut up? You are such a pathetic liar. You think I didn’t hear you when you told him that you will see him later?”

Anna: “oh no, sweetheart, I didn’t say…”

Ken “Just shut up. Now listen to me, if I ever see you close to that man, I will kill him and kill you and then I will runaway to another place to enjoy my life. My eyes are on you”.

Anna: “I have told you to stop threatening to kill people; it will put you in trouble one day”.

Ken: “You don’t tell me what to say and what not to say. I am hungry, get me something to eat”.

Anna moves to the kitchen to make eba with the remaining egusi that she made over the weekend. She dreads the time when she will bring up the topic about marriage as she couldn’t predict his reactions . Anna notices that Ken keeps to trying to ignore a call while they are eating. She tries to ignore it and when he keeps silencing his phone, she lets out. “Why don’t you just pick up the call? Why are you ending the call if you have nothing to hide?”

Ken: “Yes, you are right, I will just pick up the call”. He gets up and goes outside the compound to pick the call, It is Tiana calling. When he comes back, Anna, angry is lying on the bed sulking. She has stopped eating even though she is not full yet.

Anna: “Why do you have to go out to receive a call?

Ken: “It’s my phone, I can receive calls anywhere I want, even inside the toilet”.

Anna: “No, don’t try to play smart here. It simply means that you didn’t want me to hear what you discussed on phone and that’s why you went out. The same you who was accusing me of cheating on you with the landlord is the same you who is behaving in a suspicious manner”.

Ken: “Listen Anna, do not think that because I am staying in your house for the time being gives you the liberty to talk to me anyhow. I am the man here and you will respect my decisions”.


At about 1:00am, while Ken is still fast asleep, Anna wakes him up.

Ken: “What is it, is it morning yet?”

Anna: “No, its not morning. We need to talk after which you can go back to sleep’.

Ken: “Talk about what? Can’t it wait till tomorrow morning?”

Anna: “No, it can’t wait”.

Ken reluctantly gets up from the bed. “Be fast about it, so I can go back to sleep, he grunts”.

Anna: “Its about us, when are we going to see my parents? I am not getting any younger”.

Ken: “What is urgent about this question that you said it can’t wait? As far as I am concerned, the only discussion that can’t wait in the world is the one that concerns life and death”.

Anna: “It is urgent because all my mates are married and I am here and I don’t even know where I stand with you…”

Ken: “Well, where were you when your mates were getting married that you didn’t? Listen baby”, he draws her close and takes her lips in his. “I love you so much and we would soon get married. Just give me time for this contract that I am pursuing to click, soon as it does, we are walking down the aisle”. He continues to kiss her, grapples her breasts as she moans, knowing her weak point he goes for the neck and the same time strokes the hair. She moans so loud that Kenny uses his lips to shut her up, the protrusion in his boxers makes her open her legs apart, “I want you right now!” she yells. He peels off her bum short in seconds, actions starts. They both moan as they change positions in intervals.


After making love all night, Anna wakes up the next morning late and tired. She hurries through her bath and grabs Robb to massage her waist. This is a daily routine for her anytime she makes love with Ken. After sex with him, she usually feels a mild waist pain which is not unconnected to his ceaseless poundings. Ken is still sleeping soundly and she kisses him on the forehead and leaves.


She gets to the shop in time to see that her madam has not arrived. She meets Julie and Emeka cleaning.

Julie: “Anna, Anna. I dey gbadu your style these days o. You just dey come shop late anyhow. E be like say oga Ken no dey allow you sleep for night. You know say harmattan don come, men no dey joke this period”.

Anna: “Julie! Na you get your mouth o. Shebi the injury you sustained during your accident has healed, that’s why you are now running your mouth anyhow”.

Her phone beeps and she picks it up from her bag, it is Ken calling.

Anna: “Sweetheart, have you started missing me already?”

Ken: “My mother is dying; we need N100, 000 for them to perform an urgent operation for her in the village. You know I don’t have anything, baby help me. Don’t allow my mother who is also your mother-in-law to die”. He drops the call.

Anna is thrown off balance, Ken sounded like he was crying and she knows that she has to help him no matter what. She calls her landlord to see if she can get some loan from him.

Landlord: “N100, 000? That is a very big amount in this recession but I will give you. Just come and spend the night in my house and give it to me all night and you will have the money first thing tomorrow morning”.

Anna: “Oga landlord, but…”

Julie interrupts her conversation with the landlord.

“Anna, madam say make you carry the N250, 000 wey dey inside her office go bank make you deposit am for her account now, now”.

Anna picks the money, puts it in her bag and stops a bike man and heads to the bank. All through the ride, Ken keeps calling her and begging her to do something about his mother’s health. When she gets close to the bank, she alights and hands the bike man N500. The idea of running away with her Madam’s N250,000 keeps running through her mind. She was worried about Ken’s Mom illness

Question: “Will Anna run away with the money or agree to sleep with the landlord to raise money for Ken’s mother’s health? Is it worth it? Will Ken understand when he finds out?

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  1. Anna, you see wetin oversabi dey do you so? When you were young, this one na farmer, you no fit marry am.. this one na teacher or banker, you no fit marry them.. Na Ken you fit marry now? hmm… More Wisdom and Blessings to AdeLove & Crew. This story is really touching me at the climax

  2. Madan Anna…if you know wetin good for you better no run with that money…which kind fool and egoistic girl you be sef. ..mtchhww…me vexing

  3. Hmmm! Anna be very carefulooo. This Ken will disappoint you oo. Pls shine ur eyes. U will loose ur job and Ken at last if u run away with the money. Abeg no do am ooo

  4. See fool because of a useless, jobless man. is marriage the kingdom of God? kai! this is thesame thing some ladies keep doing that makes some men keep being useless.

  5. Wo! They do something for Anna head? Who is that gullible at this her age and level of education? As far as I am concerned, Ken sees her as his ATM and sex machine. Even if Ken’s mother is truly sick, he should be the one looking for money to borrow not Anna. She can only volunteer to contribute as per fuckmate if she has cash to spare. They aren’t married or engaged. He contribute nothing to rent or feeding, yet, he will issue commands and threaten her. She should start with sending Ken packing from her home permanently. When he is ready for marriage, he should come do the needful. It doesn’t matter who has the money but playing on her vulnerability is out of it.

  6. I hate it when some people are extremely stupid, Anna is stupid, ignorance is killing her which is a big sickness. can’t she see that ken is not serious with her?

  7. God them dey do dis anna of a gal wat a mugu she is chai wen suitors wan marry u u dey do dem wayo naw desperation don set in

  8. Anna it seems is just beautiful outwardly, but brain-wise, she’s completely stupid, how can a ND holder be so gullible to even believe Ken.
    What type of ailment is affecting Ken’s mum that she was never aware of.
    If care is not taken, she has never met his mum before

  9. hummmm interesting to be honest is a story that we are reading bcos we know d beginning of all that is going on but if we are in such a situation only God knows d beginning and ending we should not judge so fast bcos only God knows d heart of every1 we say yes today to d out come of things might make us to say no tomorrow

  10. this girl na mugu of the highest order
    see as small boy day carry am play samba
    my girl if you no wise up quick, you go break beyond repairs
    that guy go just collect the money go meet him new babe

  11. Anna is really acting foolishly,bcuz she wan marry by force or bcuz she don make mistakes be4 so she is tryin to waste time on good 4 notin dude…ti eyan ko ba lowo sebi a tun aajo

  12. Anne has been waiting for Ken to come and deceive her that is why she decline to all her proposal now she reaping the fruit of her womb! I pray she didn’t abscond with her madam money bcos that will be the worst!

  13. Anna you have to be reasonable for ones, what is wrong with you? are you ok? how would you even think of pathing away with your madam money b/cos of stupid ken, if you are waiting for ken for marriage you will grow old and die.

  14. There are so many Anna out there, we ladies of today must know that loving yourself first is most important,Anna does not love herself that’s why she is falling into Ken’s cheap lies, I do feel for her cos love has blinded her eyes and she can even go to jail for a man who does not love her in anyway, too bad

  15. This is ignorance to highest order….Please someone should help enlighten Anna that she is heading for her doom!!!

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