(Episode 11) Time and Tide … A Fascinating Story!

While Anna is pressing her phone waiting for him to give her the balance when the bike man suddenly grabs her bag containing her madam’s money and zooms off. It all happens in a flash and before she could regain her voice to scream, the bike man whisk away.


She attempts to run after them but the heels she has on almost throws her off balance,

Anna: “Jesus! Somebody help!! I am finished oo!”Anna keeps screaming at the top of her voice and jumping, she is confused, takes a step forward and another backwards like one contemplating what to do, her jumps displaying her inner wear for all to see but she doesn’t care, she throws herself to the ground, “I want to die o!” she keeps screaming, “Madam,money! Madam Money!!” throwing her hands in the air.

People gather and keep asking what happened. She cannot find her voice to tell them, all she keeps doing is point at the direction the bike man took and mutter ‘money,Madam’.

Passerby: “Aunty, talk, now. Wetin happen na, why fine girl like you stand for road dey shout like mad person?”

Another person whispers, “Na so e dey start oo!”

Woman: “Na thief o, I dey where I dey sell roasted yam, I see when one okada boy drop her, before you know, the boy snatch her handbag run. The thing shock me, I no know the time wey I drop my customer yam for ground”.

Man: “Na wa for all these okada people o, that’s why them ban them for inside town. Which kind bad luck be this for this recession na”.

Passerby: “But why you no shout na, at least people wey dey around go help you pursue the thief. Abi, as him snatch the bag, him snatch your voice too?”

Woman: “Aunty, abeg no vex o,, wetin and wetin dey inside the bag wey dem steal?”

Anna: N250, 000!”, she says, tears flowing uncontrollably from her eyes”.

Woman: “Chineke mooo! I never hold that kind money since wey dem born me, if na my own dey steal, with this recession wey dey Nigeria, my blood pressure for don shoot, I for don die, na my dead body una for dey for dey look for ground now”. She evoked laughter among the crowd who are gathered round Anna.

Passerby screams, “Yeh! Na wa o! what a wicked world!”

Man: “Sister, no vex o. Na so God want the thing to take happen. Just go back house tell your husband as e take happen, the money na for children school fees abi na for food? I sure say your husband go arrange another one for you sharply”.

Woman: “You no see say ring no dey her hand? This one like sisi na, she never marry”.

Passerby: “Na everybody wey don marry dey wear ring for finger? In fact, even if she don marry, who tell una say her husband get money like that? If him na big man, why him wife go take okada come market?”

People: “Na true you dey yarn o, your talk make brain”.

One by one the crowd dispersed leaving Anna to nurse her pain alone.

Man: “Sister, no worry, you be girl,  just call your bobos and sugar daddies, them go arrange the money for you. Girls will always find their way”, he said leaving Anna alone.


Anna gets to the shop and her madam is already waiting for her.

Madam Shine: “Na wa o. Why did you stay that long in the bank? Was the queue too much? Anyway, have they posted the money, I haven’t received alert yet”.

Anna mutters inaudibly and continues to stare into space.

Madam Shine: “What are you saying? Were you struck with madness at the bank or something?”

She keeps muttering and gesticulating with tears flowing down her cheeks,

Julie: “Anna why you dey cry?”

Anna slumps and faints, shocking everyone in the shop.

Madam Shine: “Oluwa o, somebody bring water. Anna, you cannot die in my shop o, my enemies will not succeed in chasing my customers away by saying I used my sales girl for rituals o. Get up, open your eyes please. Just tell me if you have deposited my money in the account”.

Emeka comes rushing bringing two sachets of cold water which they sprinkle on Anna, the effect of the cold water is obvious as she opens her eyes and begins to cough.

Madam Shine: “Ah, Olorun e ma seun o. Eledumare, oshe o!” she says, raising her hands in supplication to God.

Julie: “Anna wetin happen, na. Shuu, you make us fear o. I been think say you don die, I say na wa o, na so people dey take die?”

Emeka: “Parrot, keep quiet, abeg. Na you wan kill am abi you been dey pray make she die? Allow her rest before your talk go make her faint again”.

Julie: “Emeka, mind yourself o, I no call your name for my talk. Tor!”

Madam Shine: “Will you two keep shut and go back to your duty posts? Who invited you here? Nonsense!”

Emeka and Julie: “We are sorry, ma”.

Madam Shine: “Anna, what happened?”

Anna: “Madam, I am sorry. It’s not my fault, I didn’t see it coming, I was caught unawares…”

Madam Shine: “What are you saying? I don’t understand you”.

Anna: “I was robbed on my way to the bank”.

Madam Shine: “You were robbed and then what happened?”

Anna: “The thief snatched your money. It was a good Samaritan that paid my transport fare back”

Madam Shine: “What! My N250, 000! Anna!”

“Jesus!” Julie who is eavesdropping on them from her duty post lets out.

Anna: “I am sorry, madam, please forgive me”.

Madam Shine: “For kini?


Ken calls Tiana and informs her about his mother’s health condition. She asks for his address and he gives her thinking that she wants to bring the money for him. In less than ten minutes, she arrives.

Ken: “Welcome, baby. You look so sexy!”

Tiana: “Really? Is this where you live? It’s not nice at all. Why don’t you move in with me?”

Ken: “We can discuss that after I go to see my mother. Her condition is getting worst”.

Tiana:”Oh, N100, 000…”

Ken: “Yes, baby. The hospital bill is N100, 000 but I would need about N120, 000 so that I can transport myself to the village and all that”.

Tiana: “Oh I see”.

Ken: “Can I have the money now?”

Tiana: “Of course you can but not today. I will have to spend the night here and you have to make love to me all night after which you get the money tomorrow morning”.

Ken: “But that won’t be possible, this is not my house. My fiancée owns this place and she can come in at anytime”.

Tiana: “Well, let her come, she will send you packing, you will move in with me and that would be the end of your relationship with her”.

Ken: “No, now. C’mmon baby”

Tiana: “That’s how it will be. You don’t expect me to pay your mother’s health bill and you will be here living with another woman. That’s not gonna work”

As she is talking, she removes her top revealing her full boobs, gets on her knees, unzips Ken’s trouser.

Question: “Will Madam Shine forgive Anna? What will be the condition that she will give before forgiving? Will Ken fall for Tiana’s seduction? What will happen if Anna walks in?

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  1. I’m so sympathetic with her despite the fact that she has had turned down the several suitors that came her way before, this from frying pan to fire. will her life ever be the same like when she was so young?

  2. Ann you need prayer’s ooo
    Ladies let us learn ooo
    Teacher,doctor, farmer, banker
    Pls don’t look down on any man ooo
    Coz u don’t know tomorrow

  3. Anna no worry, e go better so that you go live to advise others
    madam Anna forgive her o, I think she forgave you when you arrest her wrongly

  4. Is this a kind of a pay back or what? This is too much burden for one person to carry. Chai! Law of reciprocal justice, what goes around comes around. Poor Anna, next pls.

  5. Anna. Pls live dis woman for good. And for ken pls live him too, bcs dis guy is jst trying to fine whre he can survive. Not wt intention to marry u after all he hs goting wht he wnt frm u. Onece a man hs already hve much sex wt u jst no dt is very defficult fr him to marry u.

  6. Anna. Pls live dis woman for good. And for ken pls live him too, bcs dis guy is jst trying to fine whre he can survive. Not wt intention to marry u after all he hs goting wht he wnt frm u. Onece a man hs already hve much sex wt u jst no dt is very defficult fr him to marry u.

  7. Wow! ken get head oo #120,000 per night e no easy o, & 4 Anna she needs 2 go back 2 village 2 c her mother i think she need mum’s prayer.

  8. Anna is a woman with a great destiny that’s the reason why she is going through all this. People born with great destinies faces greater tribulations in life like Anna is facing now. Anna quit the job, kick Ken out of ur life and never yield to ur landlord’s demand. Anna make up ur mind to be urself no matter how hard life threatened u. God is the one taking u through this university of life experiences so that ur later end will be a source of encouragement and hope to as many as they are that knew ur story.

  9. Y we ken be making love with another woman in Anna house that is very stupid of him and y is he even jealous seeing Anna on landlord should idiot and poor Anna is doing everything for ur sake and u don’t appreciate it

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