(Episode 12) Time and Tide … A Fascinating Story!

Ken and Tiana continue to make out for almost one hour when Tiana receives a text. She opens it and it says:

Tiana baby, I am in town lodging at Protea hotel, Asokoro. Meet me up, I can’t wait to devour your soft body again. I got lots of goodies from Dubai for you”.

“Oh  my God, Chief is back!” she cries out excitedly.

Ken: “Which Chief is back?”

Tiana: “Erm, chief…I mean my father’s brother, no my mother’s younger brother’s cousin friend”.

Ken:  “Your mom’s younger brother cousin…”

Tiana: “Never mind, baby. I will have to rush and see him; he said he has an urgent message for me”. She says as she hurriedly gets dressed and applies make up on her face.

Ken: “But what about the money, my mother is still in the hospital”.

Tiana: “We will go to the bank when I come back, my cheque book is not here and I don’t have an ATM card”, she replies, picking her bag and rushing out of the house.


Anna keeps begging madam Shine to forgive her but she is adamant and insists on taking her to the police station.

Madam Shine: “No, I can‘t forgive you. The money was stolen due to your carelessness. How can you carelessly carry N250, 000 in your handbag? Couldn’t you have hidden it in your bra or even in your pant? Do you know how difficult money is to come by?”

Anna: “Madam, I am sorry. Honestly it wasn’t intentional. I don’t mind you taking some money out of my salary every month until you recover your money back. I don’t want to go back to the Police cell.”

Madam Shine: “Your plans won’t work. So you want me to leave you so that you can run to your village tomorrow right, that won’t work.

Policemen come and arrest Anna and madam Shine follows them in her car. While they are going, Anna says a silent prayer in her heart to God for help.

They get to the police station and as they are writing their statements, some policemen come in dragging in a wounded criminal. Anna freezes on recognizing the criminal.

Anna: “That is him, that is him o!”

Policeman: “Wetin this mad woman dey talk?”

Madam Shine: “That is who? Are you trying to create a scene here or something?”

Anna”: “That is the bike man that snatched my bag”.

Madam Shine: “Ern! My money, where did you keep my money, you criminal!” She runs towards the direction of the criminal and slaps him hard across the face.

Anna runs to him and grabs his shirt. “Where is my bag, do you know the pains that you have cause me? It shall never be well with you and your generation!” Policemen intervene and take the criminal away.

Policeman: “Madam, you and your girl should calm down. We saw a bag and some items on him when he was arrested. You will identify them after we file his case”.

Madam Shine: “Good job, officer. But how did you arrest him? I can’t remember us telling you about him before we got here”.

Policeman: “Oh, the idiot is an okada rider, he snatched a man’s phone, the man parked and was making a call with his glass down, the criminal, snatched the phone through the glass from the man’s ear. He was trying to escape when he saw that the man was chasing him. He ran past a check point where soldiers are and they caught him and handed him over to us”.

After the documentation, Madam Shine gets back her money even though N30, 000 is missing out of it.

Policeman: “We don’t know why the money is not complete o, maybe the criminal spent out of it. You better go with this or we keep it and use it as evidence against him in court”.

They leave and Anna makes to go home.

Madam shine: “Ah-ah, are we not going to the shop together?”


Anna: “No, ma. I quit”.

Madam Shine: “You what? Why Shebi we have seen the money back?”

Anna: “I cannot go back to work with you again, not after what you did to me today. I explained everything to you and even offered to pay in installments the money that was stolen; you refused and brought me here to suffer. What if the police hadn’t caught the thief, that’s how you would have abandoned me to suffer in the cell and now you say I should go back to work for you?”

Madam Shine: “But I have apologized to you, now. I said I am sorry. Don’t you know that there are no jobs in town? You want to end up jobless again?”

Anna: “I would rather remain jobless than go back to work for you”.


Anna goes back home and meets her door locked. She is too tired to stand and wait for Ken to return so she goes to sit in the landlord’s sitting room.

Landlord: “Ah, my dear, I always knew that you will come to me. Is your good for nothing boyfriend finally out of your life now?”

Anna: “Please, I just need to rest here a little. I feel feverish”.

Landlord: “You came to rest? I thought you came to work for the N100, 000 you asked for”.

Anna seizes this opportunity to lie to the landlord so that she can get the money from him.

Anna: “Yes, my mother is lying critically ill in the hospital. I need N100, 000 or she will die”  she says feigning tears.

Landlord: “Your mother? I thought you need the money for something else. No, we cannot allow your mother to die. I will give you the money”. He draws near and hugs Anna who is now shedding crocodile tears close to him. She puts her head on his shoulder and begins to sobs.

At that moment, Ken seeing Anna shoes at the entrance of the landlord’s flat walks in and find Anna’s head on the landlord’s shoulders.

Ken: “What! What the hell is going on here? Anna!”

Question: “Will Ken believe Anna if she tells him she is deceiving the landlord to get money for his mother’s treatment? Do you think Anna should go back to her job? Will the landlord still give her the money?

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  1. Hahaha.. i can’t stop laughing oo

    Ken: “Which Chief is back?”

    Tiana: “Erm, chief…I mean my father’s brother, no my mother’s younger brother’s cousin friend”.

    Ken: “Your mom’s younger brother cousin…”

  2. Ken has no respect for Anna. Too bad! How on earth could he be making love with another woman where the lady is paying rent with all her sweats.

  3. Well, good for Madam Shine. Just because there are no jobs you have decided to be treating your workers that bad? Who beg EEP? Next time, they may not be that lucky. Who knows, she might even ask a police to shoot them dead.

  4. she made the right choice to leave madam Shine’s shop and I hope she will do the same to ken. its unfortunate that my subscription will expire today so it will take long for me to see the end of this story

  5. Thank God for vindicating her…. But e for sweet if Anna for catch Tiana and Ken inside her house…. Make God just help to remove this useless i***t from Anna’s life.

  6. Adelove,please try to lengthen these episodes..much love..Anna should open her eyes and see Ken,s true colour…How can she waste her destiny,money and time on Mr Hindrance in the person of hopeless Ken? What a wasteful life? Sinful and dirty love..That’s how devil deceives and wastes ones life..Please Anna,accept Jesus for your restoration..Next plz..

  7. If that foolish ken like he should think whatever, and do every one a favour. Go and never come back. Ann has made mistakes but she still deserves better..

  8. Anna, Ken, Landlord, madam shine, tiara abi na tianña all of u r soooo confutioning. Englis no be my papa language abeg. Ademylove, wat r u waiting for nxt episode na.

  9. My dear madam shine did not do anything wrong. If d okada hadn’t snatch d bag, wit d way ken was calling her, she would have run away wit d money. Remember b4 d bag was snatched she was not concentrating. She is a fool @ 35
    That woman is not bad. Just wait until u become a boss

  10. Judging from what people said about Anna, she is beautiful. So, I advice her to leave Ken and focus. Her man will show soon. Cus Ken is only playing her. Abeg next…

  11. Dis will teach all our Ladies dat ar looking for Mr money a lesson, nd never to be selective, bcos dey will end up in d hands of wrong guys, serves her better, but I pray dat God will forgive nd make a way for her

  12. Anna my Sis cry no more, just have faith in God he wil wipe away ur tears, dat’s a lesson to many ladies nawadays. God who is able to do all things will definitely give u man of ur bone

  13. Wow!!! Can’t wait to see the next episode (16). But don’t know why we ladies don’t learn easily. She is still insisting on getting married to a man of her choice and i pity her instead of her praying that the guy should like her on seeing her, she’s condemning him already. Adelove welldone!

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