FRSC to review drivers license in light of current exchange rate

Dr Boboye Oyeyemi, the Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), has said the corps will submit a proposal to the Joint Task Board of the commission for a review of the drivers’ license fees due to the change in exchange rate.


Oyeyemi made this known on Wednesday at the capacity building workshop for Sector Heads of Drivers’ License Centres in Abuja and said that the review was necessitated by the prevailing foreign exchange and capacity; hence the corps was considering forwarding a submission for the price review because the system could not continue running this way.

He said that since the introduction of the national drivers’ license, it had undergone different metamorphosis.

“It went from the national drivers’ license to enhanced drivers’ license to customised drivers’ license to what we have today,’’ he said.

The corps marshal said that the road task made it compulsory for all drivers to either renew their licenses or go for the fresh ones.

He said that with the joint task board decision, the validity had been increased from three to five years with options of either renewing for three years with N6, 350 or five years with 10, 350 respectively.

“FRSC is considering forwarding a proposal to the Joint Task Board to consider marginal increase in the cost of drivers’ license because the prices of materials being used have gone up.

“This current price has been on for the past six years and when this scheme started, the exchange rate was N150 to a dollar now dollar’s official rate is over N300.

“This is about a hundred per cent increase; so you will agree with me that there is no way the price regime can be sustained because of the prevailing exchange rate.

“So a review of the prices is necessary; the corps is not increasing the price but forwarding a proposal to consider a marginal increase to be able to meet the operating cost,’’ he said.

Oyeyemi said that the review would not be instantaneous as there were processes involved.

He said that once the joint task board considered and approved the proposal, it would go to the states since it was their responsibility to distribute “as FRSC only produces for the states”.

The corps marshal said that work stations were being opened up for effective coverage of the nation, adding that before the end of November, 12 work stations would be added.

He said that this would raise the current number from 201 to 288 from now till March 2017.

He said that the workshop with the theme: “Upholding the security and integrity of the National Drivers’ License” was apt as it would afford the commission the opportunity to discuss on the integrity of the drivers.



  1. Nothing nice about it. May be the FRSC Director should do field work by himself. At official rate he said,#6,350 for the old ones but we all know that,we use to get it close to #15,000.00 or almost #20,000.00 one now wonder how much the new one,he pegged at #10,350.00 would actually cost. My be EFCC should be invited in this matter? we are waiting!

  2. I have different opinions on d issuance of d Driver’s Licence, if U go to Passport Office in d morni with ur complete money for either renewal or dress issuance of International Passport, U will get ur passport d same day but unlike d Driver’s License which can lingers for about three or four months. It is unfair.

  3. With d official rate of 6’350 and 10,450 naira , presently is already too expensive so why must you increased. it now? am shore the cost price is more than 2,500 compared the number of who patronised u every day.

  4. What is it about the driver’s license that the materials cannot be produced locally? Is the production of plastic cards now rocket science? Even the speed limiting device, are you saying there are no brains in Nigeria anymore that every little gadget has to be imported 100%. Mr core Marshal you would have written your name in Gold if you challenge Nigerian enterpreneurs to come up with some of these things so that we don’t continue shipping our hard earned forex exchange that we need desperately.

    And by the way I hope recharge cards are now printed 100% in Nigeria!

  5. When you have leaders in any ministries or departments whose life is riddled with corruption and manipulation, this is the result you get. The issue with driver’s license is a copy and paste which any idiots can produce. Now that the cost of producing plastic is more that the cost of producing iron rods, them we should begin to have a rethink of the kind of legacies these so called circumstantial leaders will be living behind.

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