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6 Comments on ‘I have less than $10m in my account’ – Patience Jonathan denies $175m is missing from her account

  1. hmmm thieve woman ,lock her up jor


  2. Who is going to believe this anyway


  3. I wonder the type of job done by Patience to have all those dollars in her account
    She is so daft to know when it is time to keep quiet


  4. You ppl are so dump to ask this question. How long has the husband been in govt,from deputy governor till presidency, you mean the. Man can’t give. His loving wife money,mind you all this before this your so called change that took dollars to N 450per$1,remember they spend their money on nothing ,govt provides, we know your type when buhari leaves office as his wife where she got. Money, I know they will say he stole money , trust My dear Nigerian


  5. Shame unto buhari gvt.


  6. Akalamagbo, just like the name, shame on you


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