LASTMA official beaten to coma by policeman in Lagos

Danlandi Umar, an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), attached to the Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) Alagbon, Ikoyi, Lagos yesterday was accused of beating a Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) official, Rasheed Akande, to coma.


Reports revealed that the driver of a commercial bus marked AKD 639 XS, with a fleet number 09/729, refused to obey the LASTMA officials’ hand signal to stop at Igboefon Roundabout.

The driver was later stopped by some LASTMA men at Chisco Bus Stop, who got a signal from their colleagues at Igboefon.

As the LASTMA men were said to be briefing the driver on the offence he committed, a passenger in mufti, who was later identified as ASP Umar, came down. He was said to have ordered the traffic officers to release the driver or be dealt with.

LASTMA officials said ASP Umar told them that no law enforcement officer can apprehend a bus in which he is a passenger anywhere.

LASTMA Public Relations Officer Mahmud Hassan said: “All persuasion for him to disclose his identity fell on deaf ears. This was the situation when some policemen that arrived at the scene advised that the matter be taken to Ilasan Police Station. It was at the police station that he introduced himself and descended on Akande. He beat him to a state of stupor and handcuffed him. Even when the victim was grappling for breath, he continued to rain avalanche of blows, cursing and threatening other people around. To show how serious he was, he released tear gas as warning to anybody who wanted to intervene on Akande’s behalf.”

Hassan told reporters that Akande was responding to treatment in the hospital.

“The action of the police officer was frowned at by LASTMA, as it did not represent what the command stands for because LASTMA always has a robust relationship with the police and other security agencies and has mechanism of looking and dealing with issues on mutual respect and cooperation to the satisfaction of all parties,” he said.



  1. To me the matter should be taken up by the higher authority who so ever found wanted should be punished all this barbaric behavior should be stopped in our society it doesn’t paint the country well

  2. one good or bad turn deserves one another. Not in the least supporting jungle justice. Non of them respect one another except the armed forces,that show the real esprit de coup to themselves. Others (majority 90 or 95% ) of other forces are ill trained and often display thuggery. Nemesis would soon catch up with the police officer in question. They are birds of the same feathers. police,lastma,immigration,custom,kia, just to mentioned a few.

  3. Lagos State Governor should take up the case because Akande represented Lagos State and he did not just put himself on the road.
    The case should not sweep under carpet,this animal in uniform called himself Police should be brought to book to serve as a lesson. He did it because he will not pay transport fare to please the driver.
    Danlandi Umar ASP you are a bad egg among the Police and you have to be told the true.

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