Notorious Armed Robber Caught After Robbing Female Victim In Port Harcourt (Photos)

A deadly phone thief and criminal has been caught and beaten mercilessly after he snatched a woman’s handbag and stole her phone.




A deadly armed robber who specializes in robbing female victims has been nabbed in Port-Harcout, Rivers State. The armed robber identified as Felix Ezidor was beaten mercilessly by a mob after he robbed a woman identified as Hannah Gerald.

The story was shared by Edward Olungwe who wrote: “Happening Now!

“Thief Thief Thief

“Every day for the thief one day for the owner.

“The youths of Sekeni – Ama Community of Port Harcourt Aborigines by Bathurst Street Old Port Harcout township caught a notorious gang leader named Felix Ezidor who at gun point freezed and collected a phone and hand bag belonging to one miss Hannah Gerald, a young lady who lived at Bernert Carr street town.

“After a thorough beating the criminal was successful handed over to the police, so it’s left for the police to do the rest.”


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