See the Hilarious Reply This Actor Told a Woman Who Asked What Bleaching Cream He Uses

A popular Nigerian actor, Mike Godson has left his fans in stitches after sharing an experience he had with a woman.




Mike Godson is a Nigerian actor from Imo State who is considered to be one of the most handsome men in the industry.

Since his Nollywood film debut in 2010, Godson has appeared in an astounding 100+ films, selling millions of video copies and has thus warmed his way into the hearts of many fans across Nigeria.

The actor recently shared an experience he had with a female fan which has gotten his fans laughing hard.

According to Godson, he was at home one day when the fan called him just to ask the kind of bleaching cream he uses.

The actor revealed that the woman’s question got him so angry that he decided to give her an annoying answer she will not forget.



  1. It’s only people with inferiority complex that will go about bleaching their skin
    There is no type of skin that is as beatiful as the black skin
    Even several white folks spend a lot of time under the sun to “tan” turn black
    In the words of the great Samuel Ajayi Crowther; “Anyone that is not proud of his colour is not fit live”

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