See These Throwback Photo Of Pastor Adeboye At Holy Ghost Convention 29 Years Ago

Throwback Photo Of Pastor Adeboye 29 Years Ago


No wonder the scripture said, never despise the days of small beginning

Redeemed Christian Church Of God has come a long way and Im so proud to associate with them



  1. No he doesn’t have a problem it’s the same thing. Church is now business now. We go to church so as to be corrected and checkmate our spiritual life. Today where’s the word repentance or salvation or holiness and righteousness in church. Yet Jesus said broad way leads to hell fire and multitudes follow that road. If you visit Ll this mega church. I tell you not single person is free from sin or ready for Rapture. Now tell me how many souls are on thier way to heaven I mean the narrow way. Pls people will need to be serious with our soul. Eternity is a sure thing but we don’t know where we will end. But we can still escape hell as we are still alive today. Repent before its too late.
    Many started well but didn’t finish well. Starting well and finishing well matters a Lots. What’s the essence of suffering here in the world today and ending up in hell fire

  2. @Kemylad u appear to be grounded yet missing the thin lines. The point is that this Sunny guy enjoys sporadic shooting with little or zero substance about the issues he wildly dabbles into analyzing all the time..and he needs to hear the bitter truth! As for you Kemylad, it is impossible to walk into the holiest church in this planet and not see members that will blow your mind. Else there won’t be need for writing to the 7 churches in Revelation as done by the Master Himself. We should learn to be circumspect in critising spiritual matters. Else, you can also establish your own church now and in 30 years time we evaluate your score card.

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