Shocking! 'Jesus' Spotted Walking on the Streets of Kenya Barefooted (Photos)

Pedestrians and motorists were left in shock and business activities brought to a halt after ‘Jesus’ was spotted walking barefooted in the streets of Kenya.







There was drama in the streets of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya after a man who looked like the Biblical Jesus was spotted walking through the central business district early on Tuesday evening.

The appearance of the Jesus look-alike brought activities to a halt in the area as people rushed to embrace and snap pictures with him.

The man was dressed in a long robe with his long-hair and thick-beards and walked barefooted through the streets.

Kenyans took advantage of the opportunity on Twitter by using the hashtag #JesusInNairobi to share their excitement.

“This bearded white man spotted walking in #Nairobi, some Kenyans say he’s #Jesus who came to save #Kenya from z corruption. #JesusinNairobi.” a Twitter user wrote.



  1. Na wa for Kenyans. The poor man must really think these people are very backward. By the way, the image of Jesus most of us know is actually that of a British actor( Robert Powell).

  2. Jesus of Nairobi
    After all there was Jesus of Oyingbo sometime in the past who died and never woke up after three days
    And all sorts of religious fabrication goes right on

  3. Jessu told us about all this in d bible, He said , when the end times come many we come in His name saying they are christ,matt 25:5 .let us stop critising but read our bible.

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