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Attempted jailbreak at Awka prison foiled

An attempted jail break at the Awka prison was foiled yesterday, in an attempt that may not be unconnected to the detention of some influential inmates at the facility.


News about the jail break plot filtered into town yesterday afternoon as fear gripped the prison neighborhood with many secretly making arrangements to move their family members out of harm zone.

Journalists gathered yesterday that the jail break plot was not unconnected with presence of some influential persons presently under prosecution in court and detained in the said prison.

It was gathered that among the prominent people in the prison is Chief Emma Nwude and some of his kinsmen from Abagana who were facing murder charges following their case with Ukpo community.

Awka prison which has a capacity for about 300 inmates is said to be presently housing over 1000 inmates.

Confirming the news of the jail break plot, the Comptroller of Prisons, Anambra State, Mr. Ubaike Anthony said the prison in Awka had been having restiveness for the past two weeks.

“Yes, I have heard that and we have been having restiveness in Awka prison for two weeks now, but we have been countering it.

“We have been on alert, we are countering the restiveness and we are on top of the matter”, he confirmed

A civilian source who pleaded anonymity said the information had been made known to the government at Abuja, saying “We heard the plan to cause jail break is to get some big men in the prison currently under prosecution for murder to escape judgment”.

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  1. This one na prison break reloaded


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