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Jose Mourinho given warning: The Manchester United board won’t be happy

After reacting badly to a refereeing decision that did not go in his side’s favour, resulting in him being sent off, the Portuguese has fielded more criticism.


Former Arsenal man Martin Keown has said that Jose Mourinho must “keep a lid on it” in the wake of the manager’s dismissal following his reaction to Paul Pogba’s yellow card against West Ham.

Pogba was booked for diving in the crunch clash at Old Trafford – a decision that sent Mourinho into a rage and subsequently kick a water bottle along the technical area.

Keown feels the Portuguese’s behaviour is unbecoming of a club like Manchester United and says the manager’s reaction to the booking will not sit well with the board.

“They were unlucky today and the hierarchy at Manchester United Football Club will not be happy with the image he’s creating,” the former defender told the BBC’s ‘Match of the Day 2’.

“We can only imagine that Mourinho feels that Pogba has been fouled. This is a massive overreaction; it is not like it is a penalty decision. It’s the second time it’s happened [this month] and he needs to keep a lid on it.

“I don’t get it. He knows he’s going to get sent off.

“He’s in a massive job and he needs to keep that lid on things. People say: ‘You’re a former Arsenal player and you don’t want to see Manchester United do well,’ but we do want to see good football.”

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