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This is the time for aggrieved members of the party to close ranks, says Tinubu

A National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has told members of the party that now is the time to reconcile following the successful conduct of the Ondo State governorship election.


Tinubu said this in a statement on Sunday after the emergence of the party’s candidate, Rotimi Akeredolu, as the Governor-Elect of Ondo State.

He said following the acrimony that attended the primary that produced Akeredolu as the candidate of the APC for the election, the time had come to settle the differences.

In the statement by his Media Office, Tinubu congratulated Akeredolu.

He said: “Following the announcement by the Independent National Electoral Commission with regard to the governorship elections in Ondo State, I extend congratulations to Mr. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN on the outcome of the election and for his perseverance and persistence in seeking that office.

“I must also congratulate the people of Ondo State for their generally exemplary conduct on election day and for demonstrating their will to shun the regressive politics of yesterday by returning to the progressive brand of politics that has been the trademark of the people of that state.

“I congratulate all party members in the state, particularly the party leadership in the Southwest.

“Finally, I must express profound congratulations to President Muhammadu Buhari, the national leader of the party, whose stature and dignity helped guide the APC to another victory that should advance the progressive aims of the party and the people.

“To all the people and parties in Ondo, your election has been had and held. Now is the time that all must work for the continued development, prosperity and peace of your state and our beloved country.

“I appeal to all party members including those who have been disaffected from the primary until today to come together for the good of our party and it’s progressive ideals.”

8 Comments on This is the time for aggrieved members of the party to close ranks, says Tinubu

  1. Well said


  2. sosan Oluseyi // November 28, 2016 at 7:23 am // Reply

    I said it that Asiwaju is endowed with very good leadership quality, what else will the critics say about this man. He says Bury the hatches and let’s move forward. I respect u more and more sir.


  3. Great leader


  4. Words of wisdom, what a great leader


  5. U are a true leader. All na family issue.


  6. This why southwest is leading in development. If naa other ethics, I no mention name ooo but we know them. They will allow their region/state to be use as a battle field, kill themselves and destroy the little infrastructures they have but Yoruba people are very smart people. They fight intelligently, same way Yoruba people handled issues of MKO Abiola and they eventually produced OBJ and no more souls was lost in Yoruba land. I just hope others can open eye and see that no politician is worth dying for.


  7. He is quite articulate!
    A characteristic that makes me one of his fans.


  8. Up Odua. The Gov. Elect should not forget his promise to Ondo State during his campaigned.


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