Bizarre! Headless Man Caught On Camera In A Night Club

A photo making the rounds on social media showing a supposedly weird occurrence inside a night cub, has caused a stir on social media.


The photo above has gotten many people talking on social media.

In the photo, a young lady is seen standing inside what is clearly a nightclub as she poses for the camera.

However, the woman is not what has gotten people talking, it is the man standing behind her.

At first glance it would see like there is nothing wrong with him but on a closer look, one can clearly see that his head is not visible on his shoulders.

The lady in the picture reportedly went to the club and took pictures without bothering to check them.

However, when she got home, she began to go through the photos she took when she saw one photo with a tall, headless man in it, while the others who appear in the same photo have their heads intact.

Social media users have reacted differently to the development.

Some have said the photo proves that there are demons living among human beings.

However others believe that it is all the work of photoshop.

What do you think of the photo?



  1. @Ayorinde, can you see well at all? Is there a way you would bend your head so much that your shoulders will not probably follow? You see a man backing you and standing comfortably with no visible stress on the body as a result of your assumed bent head.
    Try it yourself and ask someone to look you from behind maybe it would look like this one?
    This is a ghost’s presence revealed by camera!

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