Governor Fayose Spotted On a Motorcycle In Ado Ekiti (photos)

Ekiti state Governor, Fayose has gone against the usual frivolities that Nigerian politicians are used to regardless of any circumstance or event. This is a very welcome development.




Photos which emerged online on Friday, and have already gone viral on social media, show Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, on board a commercial motorcycle, popularly called ‘Okada’ on his way to the Government house.



  1. Another display of his madness; so that if anything happens to him (but he survives) he or his co-lunatics in Ekiti; (if he dies) would easily point accusing finger at Buhari and the APC. Another demonstration of Cracy.

  2. Fayose is only making a mockery of the masses. Otherwise he should continue to adopt that transportation mode from now till the end of his term in office. He should ride on ‘okada’ during the rains and when the sun is scotching intensely. I see that action as another ploy to deceive his gullible admirers that he’s on the side of the masses. Governance is not about subterfuge. It is about concrete actions that translate to the benefits of the commoners in the long run.

  3. Public stunts! That you want them to see you on bike does not mean you are not stealing the poor people’s money backstage ?

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