Yuletide: Fraudsters rule Makurdi metropolis

As the Christmas celebration draws near, desperate fraudsters  popularly known as ‘419’ have resurfaced in Makurdi, the Benue State capital.


Investigation revealed that these criminals usually pose as preachers, traders, taxi and bus drivers around Wurukum Roundabout, State Library, Old and New Otukpo road and sometimes claim to be lost or trying to locate a particular place.

Investigation also revealed that  the fraudsters take on their victims who are mostly commuters by establishing a sense of familiarity and as well claiming to be plying their route and sometimes pretending to be stranded or looking for a religious crusade venue,while others pose as marketers of either electronic devices, or fairly used clothes among others.

Narrating his ordeal Jeremiah Isho disclosed that he was dispossessed of his belongings including money when he boarded a taxi from Wurukum Roundabout to Gboko by a fraudster who posed as a passenger in the vehicle he boarded.


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