42-year-old woman seeks divorce over refusal to suck husband's penis

A 42-year-old woman, Fausat Ayinde, has sought for the dissolution of her 15-year-old marriage to her husband, Lukman Ayinde, alleging that he left her after she refused to suck his penis.

The fruit seller, speaking before a Lagos Island Customary Court on Thursday said her marriage was filled with emotional trouble.

According to her, Ayinde left her because she refused him oral sex.

She said he made her feel inferior because of his complaints and verbal abuse, disclosing that their marital problems started five years ago when her husband came back from a trip to Port-Harcourt and asked her to suck his genital.

She said, “My husband got back from a trip and asked me to suck his penis, something we have never done since we got married. When I refused he told me that is what other girls do to him outside, since then my husband stopped making love to me.

“He also started complaining about my dress sense and my cooking after which he packed out of the matrimonial home three years ago and rented another apartment two houses from mine, with another woman.

“My husband came to my house on November 8 to beat me up and pack out my belongings. I am tired of the marriage; I have reported him to his family countless times but he has refused to change.

“Since he left, I have been the one responsible for the upkeep of the children.”

The mother of two prayed the court to dissolve the marriage, give her custody of their children – Ahmeed 15, and Ahmeedat 12, adding that the husband should be responsible for their upkeep.

But on his part, the husband, an interior decorator told the court that the genesis of their marital problems was not sexual.

According to the 45-year-old man, the basis of their issues was that his wife did not know how to take care of herself, her home, her man and children.

“On many occasions, I have tried to upgrade her to my taste by buying her dresses, shoes and bags. She is also very stubborn and have refused to change.

“She dresses awkwardly and is unattractive

“I have complained about her dress sense severally, my wife can wear mismatched top and skirt with dirty flip flop slippers to anywhere.

“When I complain, she will say who is looking at her forgetting that I am her husband, I am looking, I cannot control her.

“I cannot introduce her as my wife to my colleagues, she sells in Victoria Island, Kofo Abayomi and she meets notable people but she has refused to package herself. She wears jeans skirt to bed, claiming that she is tired anytime I touch her.

“She does not know how to take care of the house, her man and the kids,” Lukman added.

In her ruling, the court Deputy President, Mrs. Opeyemi Olanrewaju, said that Lukman was behaving life a typical African man who “sees women as sex object that he could use and dump.

Olanrewaju said, “You have been with other women and you are comparing her with them, before and after you married her, she gave you two kids there was nothing wrong with her. Now she is no longer good for you.”

Also, the court President, Mr Awos Awosola ruled that the husband should pay N220, 000, as the arrears of the money for the upkeep of the children on or before December 20.

He urged both parties to maintain peace, ordering that Lukman does not visit the house again and that the children should be brought to the court whenever he wants to see them.

Awosola adjourned the case to December 28 for trial.



  1. The stupid man is one of those modern slaves that abound in Africa, with inferiority complex, who will blindly copy everything western that they see on pornography films
    How can one force an African woman, who was raised in core African culture, to perform oral sex
    Oral sex should be a matter of choice and consent between couples

  2. Oral sex is wrong; but I think the man has a point in insisting his wife package herself and appear presentable, particularly since he also made provision for this. That a woman is married does not mean she should look like a scarecrow.

  3. Oral sex should be an agreement between the husband and wife not realy for the Africans but copy, copy want finish Africans. Is like has gotten another woman from Port and the women their are sex machine they can do and on do

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