Chapecoense plane crash victim walks for the first time as he makes incredible recovery from disaster

Alan Ruschel, one of just six survivors in the devastating Chapecoense plane crash, is walking again.

Ruschel said: “Hello everyone in Brazil and the whole world. You’ve been watching my recuperation.

“This is Alan Ruschel speaking. I would like to tell you that I am recovering really well and that soon, I will be back in Brazil to continue my recovery there too.

“Thank you for the strength you have given me through your prayers, for the warmth and kindness I have received. I just wanted to thank everyone. Thank you!”

Ruschel – on loan from Internacional, was previously involved in a serious car crash, moved seats on the jet before it crashed in Colombia and survived after being rescued from the wreckage.

He warned by his doctor to make the most of life following his miraculous recovery.

Doctor Sonagli reportedly told the media: If he [Alan Ruschel] has seven lives, he should not waste the other four.

The chartered aircraft from Bolivian airline Lamia was flying from Brazil via Bolivia, but crashed on its approach to the city of Medellin in Colombia.

The Chapecoense team had been travelling to Colombia to play in the final of the Copa Sudemericano against Atletico Nacional.

The 27-year old is recovering from a life-saving spine operation after being moved to the Somer Clinic in Rionegra Colombia.

Ruschel’s fiance Moa, who was waiting for ‘the love of her life’ to call her to discuss their wedding plans once he had landed, has remained by the player’s bedside along with his family.

Alan’s brother, Alissen, took to Instagram to post an update from his father and thank supporters for their prayers.

He confirmed Ruschel is no longer being fed through a drip and he has finally heard his voice after ‘several days of distress’.


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