My disagreement with El-Rufai normal – Sen. Sani

Embattled lawmaker, Senator Shehu Sani of the All Progressives Congress APC, representing, Kaduna Central yesterday described his fight with Governor Nasir el-Rufai as normal in a democracy.

My quarrel with el-Rufai normal - Sani

Sani spoke to State House correspondents after he and Senate President Bukola Saraki met behind closed-doors with President Muhammadu Buhari.

Sani said: “It’s a normal thing. You can be siamese twins and then you may engage in combat. You can also be twins and then you engage yourselves in disagreement and you can also be from the same house or family or same room but still disagree with each other. I think it’s a normal thing in democracy to disagree.”

He denied that the disagreement between him and the governor was about the 2019 politics, saying it was foolish of anyone to be talking about 2019 when the incumbents were less than two years in office.

According to the legislator, current political office holders should prioritise how to deliver on their mandates.

He dismissed his reported suspension from the All Progressives Congress, saying “I cannot be suspended. I’m unsuspendable, if there is any word like that. I remain a member of my party. If you simply feel uncomfortable with my words, all you can do is to simply put some cotton on your ears so that it can block it and if you’re not comfortable with seeing me physically, you simply need to use sunglasses.

“But in every sense, you cannot hide behind attempts to silence Shehu Sani. In fact, I’ve been so suspended up to about 20 times to the extent that my car does not need any suspenders right now.”



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