My right side is my good side for photography –Mariah Carey

Popular star, Mariah Carey who has always insisted on being photographed from her right side has disclosed the reason for her decision. Speaking on an episode of Mariah’s world to her makeup artist, she said that she insists on being photographed from her right side because a lady on set of a photo-shoot she did at the age of 19 has described her right side as her ‘good side’.

“This is your good side, only let people photograph you from your good side, ever.” The lady had said. After Mariah heard her comments, she disliked all the photos taken from her left side.

Her makeup artist replies that probably she had a crappy photographer by then. Mariah admitted to having a crappy makeup artist and photographer as at that time.

She however admitted that she doesn’t dislike well lit photos taken from her left side. “I don’t hate it when it’s well-lit, they just have to light it” she disclosed.


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