Alleged Homos*xuality: Youths hack man to death in Abuja

Some youths in Durumi II, a slum in Gudu District, Abuja, have allegedly killed a middle aged man over his brother’s alleged homosexuality.

The deceased, Joy, was mistaken for his brother, Alex, who had fled the area since 2011 after the community’s youths threatened to deal with him over homosexuality.

Sources said the youths intruded the deceased’s compound at about 8.00pm last Tuesday demanding for Alex, the alleged homosexual before they pounced on his younger brother who recently came to visit his mother from Lagos.

A source told City News that the youths used axe and many other objects to hack their victim in his father’s house.

His mother, Mrs Esther, said she was in the bedroom when she heard the youth shouting, “Where is Alex, we heard he has returned home. Someone saw him when he entered this house about five minutes ago. He must die.”

She added that the youths said it was their responsibility to stop all those who were homosexuals in the community.

She said before she could rush out of the room, some of the youths had already pounced on her son striking him with different harmful objects that led to his death.

However, when our reporter called the FCT Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Anjuguri Manza, he said he was not aware of the incident.


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