Buhari,Two Other African Leaders Head To Gambia To Broker Peace

President Muhammadu Buhari, Liberian leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and possibly another African head of state will tomorrow head for Banjul, the capital of the Gambia, to persuade President Yahya Jammeh to abandon any plan to challenge his electoral loss in the country’s presidential election that took place early in December 2016.

Mr. Jammeh, who in 1994 seized power in the impoverished West African country, had earlier conceded his loss in the election, calling the victorious opposition candidate, Adama Barrow, to congratulate him. However, after the electoral commission announced that there was an error in their calculation of votes, showing a narrower margin of victory by Mr. Barrow, President Jammeh addressed Gambians, saying he rejected the results in their entirety. He also demanded a fresh election to be conducted by God-fearing electoral umpires.

Earlier, SaharaReporters had reported that a close aide of President Jammeh told our correspondent that the defeated incumbent had isolated himself and become paranoid about the prospect of being tried and possibly jailed for numerous human rights violations he had committed over the 22 years he has ruled Gambia.

Our source stated that some Gambians, including confidants of Mr. Jammeh, had appealed to President Buhari, who is extremely close to him to the Gambian ruler, to intervene in order to avert a violent turn in the small West African country.

A source in Abuja told SaharaReporters that President Buhari had initially entertained the idea of sending Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State to talk to Mr. Jammeh’s emissaries in Dakar, Senegal. However, Mr. El Rufai, who was part of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) delegation that observed last week’s election in Ghana, could not make it to Dakar on time.

Our source said President Buhari plans to meet both the opposition leaders and Mr. Jammeh to broker an outcome that would see Mr. Jammeh agreeing to the outcome of the election in exchange for substantial amnesty for himself and military officers involved in vast human rights violations in the Gambia.

A former military officer, Mr. Jammeh is reportedly interested in receiving assurances that, wherever he decides to settle once out of power, he would not be subjected to a Charles Taylor-like treatment. Former Liberian ruler, Taylor, who was granted asylum in Nigeria, was eventually handed over to legal authorities at the International Criminal Court at The Hague. Mr. Taylor was convicted of grave human rights abuses and sentenced to a long term in jail.

SaharaReporters learned that an advance party of Nigerian officials led by Mr. Buhari’s National Security Adviser would be on the ground in the Gambia before Mr. Buhari’s arrival tomorrow



  1. Buhari is a confirmed hypocrite. After the electoral rape in Edo and River State he is going to Gambia to broker election peace.
    This just shows how insincere and a fraud humans can be . Is like an Armed robber going to talk to yahoo yahoo boy to turn himself in.
    It is a shame and quite pathetic. All done for political facade

    • Mr. Marty,

      The last time I checked, Buhari was not an INEC official.
      Wetin concern Buhari with the choice of the people in Edo and Rivers state? If Buhari could win the opposition while they were in power, it only comes to show that we are at times when peoples will, comes to play
      The masses are undoubtedly tired of the “wailing wailers”, they elected those that will have their interest at heart and oversee affairs of their state in a transparent and accountable manner.
      The people want change, they want progress!

  2. @Marty, by ur warped thinking, there wouldn’t have been “electoral rape” in Edo & Rivers, everything would have been okay, if ur dying PDP had won? Just pity ur sorry situation!

  3. As usual the pot calling the kettle black. Marty you are an illiterate and people like you should be banned from this blog as you give well meaning Nigerians a bad name.

    An election was held in Gambia. President Jammeh accepted the defeat watched by millions of people now he has withdrawn it after staying in power for 20 years typical Mugabe in making. Buhari won an election, so he has the right to intervene before we see bloodshed. Well done sir for taking the bold step!!!!

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