(Episode 3) Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker!

Kingsley suddenly opens the door at the count of 3. “Yes, why are you banging on my door like a mad woman? I’m I owing you?”

Iyabo: “So you are the useless boy that is spoiling my step daughter. Ehn, look at you, you will leave your villages to come and serve, you won’t concentrate on what brought you out it is only to follow young girls up and down to spoil them”.

Kingsley: “Excuse me, madam. I do not know what you are talking about. I will advise you leave here this minute before I lose my temper”.

Iyabo: “Eh! You say wetin? Look at this rat threatening me? You do not know what I am talking about and yet you are in the room with my step daughter and you didn’t hear me knock because you are busy with your waist. See your dirty boxers, oloshi oloriburuku”.

Kingsley: “Madam, I will not have you…”

Iyabo pushes him aside and he crashes on the floor as she makes into his room. “Where is that prostitute that calls herself Charity? You think you can hide in this one room? You must be stupid. Your cup is full today, useless idiot. Your mates are home after their exams helping their parents but you are here under man, not even a rich man that can do something tangible for your parents, you are busy sleeping around with a corper who cannot even afford soap to wash his boxers. Where are you hiding? Come out before fire consumes you there”.

Outside the compound, neighbours and passerby are gathered aroundwatching the drama and whispering to one another. Kingsley gets up and attempts to rush into the room to drag Iyabo out but he is held down by some young men. “Control yourself, you are a man, she is a married woman, you have no right to fight her”, they tell him.

Iyabo is inside searching everywhere including the toilet and bathroom, hysterically, she begins to destroy everything in the room..

Iya Bisi: “Ah-ah, take am easy na, this one wey you dey scatter pots and plates, she no fit hide there na”.

Iyabo: “That girl is a witch, she fit hide for anywhere”. Having searched everywhere for her, she comes out and makes to leave. “And you Kingsley abi wetin dem they call you, as you do finish, you carry her commot through window ba? No wonder you get mind to open door, I am not through with you yet. By the time I finish with you, you will pack your things and run away from this town”.  She starts to leave but comes back on realizing that she didn’t check the wardrobe. She runs back into the room and opens the wardrobe; there is no sign of anyone. Just as she is about closing the door of the wardrobe, she sees charity’s legs. “So, my step daughter is not here right? Is that what it is? Okay. I will burn down this room, yes, I will set it on fire and nothing will happen!” she grabs Kingsley’s keg of kerosene nearby and attempts to pour it into the room but neighbours stop her and start pleading with her.

“Please, madam. Take it easy. If you burn down this room, it will affect other people’s room. Please, don’t do anything that you will later regret”.

Iyabo: “If you people don’t want me to burn down this house, then tell Charity to come out from her hiding”.

Charity realizing that her game is up comes out from her hiding to the bewilderment of the neighbors. “So, you have been hiding here all these while and you almost made your step mother to burn down this house. Useless girl, prostitute”, they curse.

Iyabo turns around and gives Charity a resounding slap. She begins to beat her and smash her head against the wall without paying heed to her pleas. “You are now a woman, right? That is why you can afford to come to a man’s house after your exams and hide making me appear like a fool. I will deal with you today that your mother will regret why she had to die and leave you in this world”.

Having beaten her to her satisfaction, she tears her top, exposing her bra and grabs her by the hand and takes her home.


“I swear, daddy, I didn’t do anything with him, I..I..I”, Charity who is kneeling before her father pleads with tears flowing uncontrollably from her cheeks.

Mr Jide: “Charity, what did I do to you that you have brought so much shame and disgrace on me? You mean you have the guts to go to a man’s place after your exams? What has come over you?”

Charity: “Daddy, I am sorry. I didn’t do anything there”.

Mr Jide: “Will you shut up your lying mouth there before the gods shut it up for you? What took you there if you didn’t do anything there? Why did you have to hide inside the wardrobe when you heard your step mother calling?”

Charity: “I was afraid….”

Mr Jide: “Keep quiet, no child of mine talks when I am talking”.

Iyabo: “Don’t you see how you are spoiling this girl? A girl commits an offence as terrible as this and instead of you to flog the hell out of her, you are here having a heart to heart discussion with her. You better start thinking of the sacrifices to make to the gods because your daughter is no longer a virgin and I don’t want the wrath of the gods to fall on me”.

Mr Jide: “She is not a virgin, bawo?”

Iyabo: “Shebi I told you before and you said I am lying? Well, I confirmed it today. I met that stupid corper Kingsley on top her. When he saw me, he quickly wore his boxers before opening the door. You better do something before the wrath of the gods fall on me and you o, tor”.

Mr Jide: “Are you sure of what you are saying? This is unbelievable. Iwo, Charity!”

Iyabo: “Why would I lie over my own step daughter? What will I get from that?”

Charity: “Daddy, please listen to me, I cannot do anything that will hurt you. I didn’t do anything with corper”.

Iyabo: “Will you shut up your dirty mouth before I give you another slap, you cheap thing”.

Charity: “Daddy, I am innocent. Please, believe me”.

Iyabo: “You are not only a prostitute but also a pathetic liar”.

Mr Jide: “Will you two keep quiet and allow me talk? This is a serious matter and I can’t even think”.

Iyabo: “You don’t have to get worked up, my husband”, she comes close to him and places her hand on his chest. “I know a place we can take her to where they will tell us the truth”.

Mr Jide: “What do you mean by that?”

Iyabo: “You know that my friend, mama Chukudi, now. She said there is this cave in their village, in that cave, there is a door that only virgins can walk through. If a girl lies that she is a virgin, she will keep walking around in that cave without seeing the door”.

Mr Jide: “Are you sure about this?”

Iyabo: “Will I lie about this? Shebi I will also follow you there myself?

Mr Jide: “Okay, so what happens to her afterwards?”

Iyabo: “Ah, oko mi, you sha funny. What will happen? Is it not for us to carry ourselves and come back home?”

Mr Jide: “Okay then. We shall go but if anything happens to my daughter, you will be in serious trouble. I am doing this because I want to find out the truth so that I can appease the gods of our land before they start afflicting us in which case it will be difficult to appease them then”.

Charity is terrified at the mention of a mysterious cave. “No, please daddy. Don’t allow this, I am not going to any cave. I don’t want to die”.

Iyabo: “Of course you will go, since you won’t tell us the truth. Who cares if you die or live? Mtcheww!”

Charity: “Nooooo!” she shouts as she suddenly gets up and makes for the door.

Question: What is Charity going to do? Should she follow them to the cave to confirm her virginity” Is her step mother telling the truth about the cave? Will her father change her mind?

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  1. Hahaha.. Can’t stop laughing ooo..

    Iyabo: you didn’t hear me knock because you are busy with your waist. See your dirty boxers, oloshi oloriburuku”.

  2. stepmothers and their wahala but y is charity’s dad behaving stupid, he could take to a doctor to confirm her virginity y a stupid cave.

  3. iyabo since u want get rid of charity by all means it will bk fire on u, infact ehh urz will b painful dan charity’s own iya oshi oloriburuku…..next plz I can’t wait 2 see her downfall

  4. Iyabo is wicked and heartless but does not hide her dislike for charity, the most wicked person I see now is Kingsly who wears the garment of friendship but the intent of his mind is to destroy charity, any man who loves and cares about you should care about your well-being and future rather than his lustful desire, imagine the lies he was telling the girl just to get in between her legs, unfriendly friends!!! Mtchewwwewwh.

  5. while the mysterious cave?
    Are there not hospitals again?
    At that era, Charity and her father should know that virginity is tested in the hospital instead of else where cause they are literate enough. (dear writers, write and make it real please)
    Charity and her father should be very careful with Iyabo, cause i see evil, wickedness and hatred in the side of Iyabo towards Charity. Thumbs up and much love.

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