Expect more darkness, Oyedepo tells Nigerians

The General Overseer, Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel), said that Nigeria would still experience gross darkness in some time to come and called for special prayers to overcome the difficulties.

Oyedepo, who was quoted in a live streaming broadcast, explained the economic downturn in the country as a devastation.

He noted this at Canaan Land in Ota, Ogun, during the annual Winners Chapel prayer convention, Shiloh 2016, with the theme: “My Case is Different,” taken from Genesis Chapter 47 Verses 15 to 27.

The annual programme, which had ended, was a mountain of divine encounter for salvation, healing and deliverance and a time of astounding miracles.

The yearly programme was also a time of testimonies of liberation in all facets of human existence that focused on the afflicted, battered, beaten and tattered destinies as a result of pains, pangs and crying.

Oyedepo also encouraged Christians in the aspect of giving, adding that anyone who keys into kingdom investment covenant would overcome hardship.

Oyedepo said: “Anyone who keys into the kingdom investments covenant will overcome the gross darkness that awaits the world.

“As Christians, you should understand and have the spirit of giving no matter what it takes to give.”

Reacting to the programme, some FCT residents expressed joy and fulfilment from the Shiloh, saying they had a lot to be grateful to God for.

Deborah Peters, a member, said that Shiloh was a refreshing programme that was meant to make every Christian to experience divine breakthrough and increase in their lives.

Peters advised Christians to be open minded with their concerns at this period and all times so that they would encounter God’s visitation.

Peters said: “We have to make sacrifices of giving like Papa pointed out so that we will encounter increase, breakthrough, unending grace, protection and even deliverance.

“For us to gain all of these, we have to, with the help of the theme of Shiloh open up to God to have his way in us.”

Rose Benjamin, a member that attended the programme from Kaduna, urged Christians not to take their encounter with God for granted for it must be followed with testimonies.

According to Benjamin, she encountered God because she believed Him for a divine intervention in the aspect of pregnancy and her prayers were answered.

Benjamin said: “God took me to a different level I never expected; that is why it is good to pray fervently without season.

“My husband and I prayed and believed God for divine intervention; it was our topmost prayer point and we held onto every prophecy declared by Bishop.”

On his part, Damola Arogundade, a driver, said he encountered God’s presence in the 2012 Shiloh after he had obeyed all what Bishop asked the congregation to do during the impartation service.

Prominent clerics from all works of life were represented at the programme as well as nations.



  1. Self appointed prophet Oyedopo of doom. You can only see bad things that your magician told you and not good things. How do we solve the problem of the darkness? Do you want to return the millions in dollars you collected from last administration for the government to invest in the power sector?

    • has ur allah or imams done anything beyond the natural? talking rubbish about wat u don’t know. stick to your Islam that advocates killing of non Muslims and to your Mohammed who didn’t even know whether he was in Allah’s right or left.

  2. Why wouldn’t Oyedepo go about taking all sorts of garbage, when he has so many credulous followers he brainwashes into giving him their hard earned money
    He lives like the Lord of the manor, hence he can afford to prophecy pains and sufferings to poor Nigerians
    He would do better by focusing on his lucrative church business and leave the issue of economy to economists

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