Grandpa Caught Grabbing His Wife's Bum in Broad Daylight (Photo)

In what will come across as a really surprising yet hilarious development, an old man has been caught grabbing his woman’s bum in public.

This is the photo that has caused quite some stir on social media.

The photo shows an old man grabbing an equally old woman’s butt.

The incident obviously took place in a public place.

Although the couple’s identity has not been verified, it is believed that the woman is the man’s wife and he could just not resist the urge to grab her bum in broad daylight.

The photo which has since gone viral on social media, has drawn reactions from users.

Many social media users feel the photo is very hillarious and simply shows the man’s attraction to his wife.

Others however feel the man had gone too far with his show of affection. They complained that the man may have been a really randy person as a younger person and has not changed at all even though he is now old.


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