Curvy Lady Flaunts Her 'Puzzling' Backside in Mouth-watering Photos

There is a popular saying that real men eat flesh and not bones. This has been adopted to promote Big Bold and Beautiful Women.

Kenya may be displacing South Africa and Nigeria on the scale of women with the biggest physical endowments on the African continent.

Aside ladies like Vera Sidika, Corazon Kwamboka and others famed for possessing mind-boggling natural bums, Febbylicious who is another up and coming socialite seems to be fast gaining prominence.

The young lady with massive hips and bum has constantly been stealing the fans of her Kenyan counterparts. She has over 68,000 followers on Instagram and she is also using that avenue to promote events for organizations at a low cost.

According to her profile, she is a jack of all trades. The beautiful lady is well coveted by men on her social media page where she constantly shares alluring photos.



  1. SA is the number one country to find beautiful curvy women all over the world. Very few percentage of women in South America, Carribean and Europe have Attractive breasts, bums, hips and straight legs, but South African women were specially made.

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