EFCC replies user who called them out over MMM crash

Nigerians have taken to Twitter to react to news of the freezing of all MMM Nigeria accounts.

A user @Lolami_Boo took to the platform to call out the EFCC for not preventing the crash. EFCC immediately responded



  1. She does not knw what she is doing. You were told and you keep doing it and you now expect efcc to do something. OYO is your case.

  2. In every thing in life there is gestation period,and have to wait. Women wait nine clear months for delivery, why the noise all over the place, wait till January as instructed if nothing happens. Then we can cry very well. For now save you tears

  3. MMM did not crash, for a crashed site, you won’t be able to access it . What happen is that all confirmed mavros are frozen for 1 month because of the traffic in GH. It is a welcome idea to me because even if all customers of a bank decide to withdraw their money at once without depositing, that bank will run into problems.

  4. Its is indeed ridiculous and shameful that Some crop of Nigerians are shortsighted and lack the scruples not only to go into this Boldly tagged Ponzi scheme but to openly defend its cause because of the economic gain derived from it. Helloooo, it’s a Ponzi scheme, wake up and smell the coffee, it will definitely collapse; maybe already, or in a month’s time, it eventual will. Don’t let poverty and greed becloud your sense of reasoning.

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