(Episode 4) Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker!

Charity runs out of the house and runs into the street. She doesn’t know where she is running to but she doesn’t care as long she runs far away from her step mother who is bent on pushing her to a mysterious cave.

Mr Jide: “Come back here, Charity. Where do you are going?” her father calls after her. She ignores him and continues running while her father and step mother run after her.

Charity, watch!” her father suddenly calls out causing her to freeze. There before her, she had almost been hit by a car that was over speeding. In that moment her father closes his eyes thinking that his daughter will be killed. The taxi driver who had to apply his break when he was just a short distance away from her begins to curse.

Taxi Cab: “Idiot,, where you run from enter road like that? Na your papa get this road? Mumu, you dey find person wey go kill you abi? Tell them say you no see me”. He insults as he drives away.

Mr jide runs to his daughter who stands on the road confused and hugs her.

Mr Jide:  “Oh my dear, you almost killed yourself for nothing. Listen to me, you don’t have to harm yourself to drive home your point. I remember when your mother died, days before she was buried, she kept appearing to me in the dream and pleading with me to take care of you. She died because she was giving birth to my child. She was my first love and even in death, I adore her. Come let us go home, my dear. We won’t go to the cave if you do not want us to go there”. Charity reluctantly follows him home.

Iyabo: “We must go to the cave o. if you think we will put off going to the cave simply because of this drama you just did then you need to have your head examined”, she yells at Charity.


A week after the examination, Charity goes to the café to check her results and she scores 230. She goes for the post UTME and few months later, she secures admission into the university.

Charity: “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy where are you? I have good news for you”.

Mr Jide: “I am here, my dear”.

Charity: “Daddy, I just secured admission into the university!” she jumps on her father waving the admission letter she printed on him.

Mr Jide: “What! This is good news, my dear. I am so happy for you, your mother will be proud of you in her grave”.

Charity: “I wish my mother was alive to witness this day”.

Mr Jide: “It’s okay, everything happens for a reason”.

Charity: “Daddy, the registration fee is almost a N100,000 and it commences in a month’s time”.

Mr Jide: “N100,000 what! Where will I get that kind of money from? I am just a retired civil servant; I don’t even have half of that money in my account”.

Charity: “So what do you want me to do now, daddy?” she asks with a frown on her face.

Mr Jide: “I will run around and see what I can do. Don’t worry, my child”.

Charity: “Thank you, daddy”.

Three weeks later, Charity’s father wakes up his wife in the middle of the night.

Mr Jide: “Please, wake up. I have something to say to you”, he says while gently tapping her on her shoulder.

Iyabo: “What do you have to say that cannot wait till morning? I am very tired, abeg”.

Mr Jide: “If it can wait till morning, trust me I won’t disturb your sleep by this time”.

Iyabo: “Okay, go ahead but be fast about it”.

Mr Jide: “It’s about our daughter Charity”.

Iyabo: “I no born any daughter wey dem dey call Charity”.

Mr jide: “Okay. It’s about my daughter who is also your daughter”

Iyabo: “Ehen, wetin dey do her? Is she pregnant?”

Mr Jide: “pregnant ke. Is she married? Anyway, it is about her registration fees. I have been running around all these weeks to get money for it and all my efforts so far has only produced N30, 000. She needs nothing less than a N100,000 for that registration”.

Iyabo: “So? How that one take concern me? Shebi na you be im papa?”

Mr Jide: “I need your help, Iyabo. I don’t want her to miss this opportunity because of money. I need you to borrow me some money out of your business. I have already put up my land for sale. As soon as I get a buyer, I will give you the money and even add interest on it for you”.

Iyabo: “Me borrow you money for Charity’s registration? Rara o, that can never happen. And did I just hear you say that you have put up our only land for sale? What has come over you? You want to sell the only parcel of land that you have just to pay her fees? A girl that will soon be married off after school and go to her husband’s house? If you sell the land, what will my unborn son inherit when you join your ancestors sooner or later? Don’t forget I will still  have a son for you”

Mr Jide: “But, education is very important. That girl can buy me things worth more than a parcel of land in the future. Nobody knows tomorrow”.

Iyabo: “I don’t care what you say, all I know is that we are not selling that piece of land. That is the only inheritance my son has and I won’t watch you throw it to the gods just like that”.

Mr Jide: “But Iyabo, your son died at infancy”.

Iyabo: “Even though he died, the land is still his own and it now belongs to me as his mother now that he is no more. besides, I know that God will give me another son soon. Please don’t touch me. Allow me sleep, this talk is not what I should lose my sleep over”, she hisses and draws the duvet over her head.


It has been one month since registration started and Charity is yet to commence hers because of lack of money. Her father has made several efforts to borrow money from family and friends but nobody seems to have extra money to spare. He has also not been able to get a buyer for the land because he didn’t have money to obtain the original certificate of occupancy from the government.”

Charity: “Daddy, what shall we do now? The registration will soon close and I haven’t even started yet”.

Mr Jide: “My dear, money is scarce to come by. This recession is affecting everyone. Why not go and pay part of the fees with the money that I have raised?”

Charity: “Part payment is 70% of the total registration fees. What we have here is just N45,000 and that isn’t up to the required amount”.

Mr Jide: “Hmmn, my daughter. God knows that I have tried my best. Maybe he doesn’t want you to go to school this year, in that case, you will have to give up the admission this year and try again next year. I am sure that things would have improved by that time”.

Charity: “No, daddy. I can’t forfeit my admission this year. I know how difficult securing admission is in Nigeria”.

Mr Jide: “What do you want me to do? If it is possible for me to sell myself, I would gladly do so for you to go to school”.

Charity pauses and thinks for a while.

Charity: “I will go to uncle Bode for help. He is my mother’s kinsman and I voted for him in the election that won him the position he is currently occupying. I see him on television offering scholarship to students of different institutions. I am sure he will not refuse me”.

Mr Jide: “Uncle what? Are you out of your mind? What has come over you this girl? You want to go and meet a politician for help simply because he is your mother’s kinsman and you met him when you went to the village last year for New Year celebrations?”

Charity: “What is wrong with asking him for help?”

Nr Jide: “Everything is wrong with it. That man is a chronic womanizer. He has never helped young girls without defiling them. My God, that man goes after any girl that he sees. You think politicians render help just like that? You are going nowhere”.

Charity: “I will go to him and ask for help. Nothing will happen to me, if he asks for anything in return, I will leave his house”.

Mr Jide: “You are so naïve, my child. You cannot just walk in to the lion’s den and walk out like that. That man is surrounded by thugs. Do you know how many cases of rape he has been involved in?”

Charity: “Daddy! You are just saying this to scare me away from going to him for help. I will go, you don’t have the money to give and yet you won’t allow me cry out to those that can help. I must go there!” she storms out in anger.

Mr Jide: “Come back here, Charity! I say come back here!”


Charity dressed in a mini skirt and tank top walks up to uncle Bode’s gate where four mean looking men are standing with guns in their hands. As she approaches the gate, her instinct tells her to turn back but she lacks the courage to make a turn.

Question: Will Uncle Bode accept to help her? Under what condition? Will Charity ever make it to the university?

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  1. Charity! Charity!! Charity!!! how many times did i call you? How can you visit a Politician in this provocative dress? hmm… i hope nothing happens sha. next please. Morning ALF!

  2. Haba! Naija and condemnation. Na wa oo. Remember that’s Charity’s Uncle we are talking about here. He won’t try such with her na. Next please

    • Whose uncle? Just her mother’s kinsman. Besides, haven’t you heard of uncles that rape their nieces and nephews?
      Secondly, she is improperly dressed for a person with such a reputation described by her father.

  3. Charity is asking 4 trouble going 2 a chronic womaniser dressed like dt. Two things will happen, its either she gives him willingly or he takes it by force. Either way, comfort isn’t coming out of dt gate a virgin. WATCH OUT.

  4. Charity I hope for your sake that man remembers he is your uncle and not request for the impossible and he also warn you of your dressing and gives you the said scholarship and much more so that you stay away from that witch Iyabo how will she have a child not to talk of children when she can’t love another person’s child mtchew

  5. charity I no undastand u again oooo I just pray u knw wot u re doing by putting on such seductive dress nd u were told dat d man is a womanizer, anyways I just pray he helps u nd dnt request a trade by batter….. next plzz can’t wait

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