(Episode 5) Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker!

She feels that turning back can raise suspicion as the men may shoot her with their gun. “Hey you, stop there!” one of the men shouts at her causing her heart to jump to her mouth. “Where do you think you are going to?” he asks pointing his gun at her.

Charity: “I…erm, I…”

Thug: “My friend will you say something before I throw you to the dogs?” he barks.

Charity: “I want to see uncle Bode”.

Thug: “Who is uncle Bode?”

Charity: “The owner of this Building”.

Thug: “Oh, That’s His Excellency you are calling uncle Bode. Is something wrong with this girl?”

Charity: “I am sorry, we met last year during one of his campaign tours and he said we should be calling him uncle Bode because he is not after titles but to serve the people”.

Thug: “Shut up your dirty mouth, there. Now turn around and walk away as fast as your legs can carry you before I send you to meet your creator”.

Charity makes to walk away and she gets almost knocked down by uncle Bode’s convoy who are coming in at top speed. On sighting them, she raises up her hands and begins to wave at the cars with the intention of attracting uncle Bode’s attention. Seeing a pretty young girl in mini skirt waving at his convoy, the animal in him is unleashed and he orders his driver to stop and wind down the window.

“Yes, how can we help you?” he asks.

Charity: “Uncle Bode, thank God I met you. I am here to see you but your guards won’t let me in”.

Uncle Bode:”Young lady, what did you just call me?”

Charity: “I am sorry, your highness. Sorry, your majesty, I mean your Excellency”. She stammers.

As she is talking, uncle Bode’s eyes travels all round her body and settles on her thighs which are barely covered by the mini skirt she has on. He begins to imagine what it will feel like to have his hands run through her smooth skin. His eyes move up to the rise and fall rhythm of her chest and he swallows an imaginary lump in his throat. “Open the door and let her in”, he orders his guards.

One of the guards lead Charity to the inner chambers in uncle Bode’s house where she sits and waits for him. After waiting for several minutes, she feels tired and begins to regret why she had disobeyed her father in the first place.

Charity: “God, what I’m I even doing here? Why did I disobey my father to come here? See how secluded this room is, what if this man attempts to hurt me, even if I shout, nobody will hear me from here. I am in trouble o”.

“What brings a young lady like you to my castle this beautiful afternoon”, uncle Bode’s voice cuts short her thoughts.

Charity: “I came to seek your help, sir”.

Uncle Bode: “I will do anything for a pretty damsel like you. You just ask and you shall receive”.

Charity: “I need your help to pay my fees. My parents are very poor and they can’t afford to pay my registration fees. I used to watch your programme on television where you award scholarship to deserving students. I thought you could help me too considering the fact that you are here to serve your people”.

Uncle Bode: “How much do you need?”

Charity: “About a 100,000 naira”.

Uncle Bode: “That’s a small deal. I will sign a cheque of N200,000 for you right away”.

Charity’s eyes pop out as she never imagined that help can come her way this soon. “N200,000? That is too much. Thank you so very much”.

Uncle Bode: “No, it is not too much. The extra change on it is for you to pay your transportation fare to school and take care of other miscellaneous expenses. I will also give you N50,000 cash now for you to take a cab back home”.

Charity: “Wow! You are the best politician in the world. God bless you”.

Uncle Bode: “Bless you too”.

Charity: “Can I have the money now? I will like to be on my way, my parents will be worried about me”.

Uncle Bode: “Not so fast. It’s a 50-50 thing”.

Charity: “50-50? How do you mean?”

Uncle Bode: “I mean you rub my back and I rub yours too”.

Charity: “Rub your back as how? I still don’t understand what you mean”.

Uncle Bode: “Are you that naïve? Don’t you know how to use what you have to get what you want? I will give you more money than you requested and you will allow me have a taste of your body”.

Charity jumps up with fright when she realizes the condition attached to the help.

Charity: “No, uncle. That is not right. I am your…”

Uncle Bode: “Will you keep quiet there? Who is your uncle? Do I look like any of those your poor relations? I am his Excellency and you must attach that title whenever you address me whether in public or private. I will not condone any act of insolence from a low life riff raff like you”.

Charity: “I am sorry sir, but I am no longer interested in your help. I have to go home now”.

She walks towards the door but he grabs her by the hand and throws her on the bed.

Uncle Bode: “No lamb walks into the lion’s den and walks away with his head on its neck. If you do not give me what I want peacefully, you leave me with no option but to take it forcefully”, he shouts as he tears her top and jumps on her.

Charity: “Nooo! Get your filthy hands off me. Help! Somebody help me!”

Uncle Bode: “You can as well scream from now till the world ends, nobody will hear you. This room is sound proof” He makes to unzip his trousers with one hand, Charity seizes the opportunity and with all her strength hits him on his balls and takes off before he can recover from the pain and shock that overwhelms him. Charity runs past the room into the compound. Uncle Bode recovers from the shock and presses the alarm button. In few seconds, the compound is thrown into chaos as alarms sound off everywhere alerting the guards who cock up their gun as the security dogs begin to bark uncontrollably. Charity makes for the gate and she pounds on it with all her strength. She turns back to see uncle Bode and four frightening police dog coming after her, she takes off as fast as her legs can carry her and runs into the garden. She can hear the dogs barking and footsteps running after her but she dares not turn back as she is afraid of falling. She continues to run into the garden and suddenly she finds herself in the middle of a deep forest. Then it dawned on her that uncle Bode had covered up a deep forest in the house by making it appear like a well kept garden. She hits her toe against an object and she falls bruising her knees and her elbows, there on the floor to her utmost terror are human skulls and skeletons of different sizes. “Oh God, please don’t let me die in this place, she prays in her heart.  She gets up without minding the blood dripping from her body and continues to run going deeper into the forest. She feels an object whiz quickly through her ears and she recognizes it as a bullet. Alarmed, she takes refuge behind an over grown grass as she realizes that they are shooting sporadically at her. She is still in her hiding when a hand taps her causing her to jump with fright. She turns around and there standing right behind her is uncle Bode with a machete in his hand, four police dogs growling at her and 3 guards with their guns pointing at her.

Charity: “Please, don’t kill me. Have pity on me, I only came to seek your help. I wish I had listened to my father. Oh my mother, will you lie quietly in your grave and watch them murder your only child like this? gods of our land, where are you? Somebody help me, I don’t want to die like this”.

Question: “What does uncle Bode intend to do with Charity? Will he kill her or use her for rituals? Will she be able to escape from them? Will her father come looking for her when he cannot find her at home?

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    • Do you think politicians give free gifts? No. Forget all the things you see on tvs and papers. They are all lies crafted to satisfy their ulterior agender.
      She was very wrong to have gone and worse when she chose to wear mini skirt.
      If at all the man could be trusted, her father would have been the one to go meet him alone or with her. She was just plainly naive and abundantly disobedient.

  1. Uncle Bode you are a real figure of those we hav as leader instead of assisting the masses,they are destroying, ther is God ooooo.

  2. Charity, you should have listened to your father! See what has happened now. Yes you were right in your determination not to lose your admission but it’s always good to heed your parent’s warning.
    I pray God sees you through ‘the animal’ called Uncle Bode’s den.
    Iyabo is the typical stepmother ….. most of them are very wicredit?
    Next episode pls…….can’t wait Adelove.com – ?

  3. charity I fink if u re able 2 escape dis tragedy I hope u will get wiser nd knw dat its d way u dress dat is d same way u get addressed nd most of all allow d mind set of God take charge in any of ur difficulties, God save u……next plz

  4. Disobedient to parents is a sure way to problem. Charity ought to have listened to her father instead of disobeying him.

  5. what money can cause,thats the pain when u have brains to study then u get no help and those not even ready get all the advantages. God save u charity I feel ur pains

  6. Hw I wish this Charity of a girl is an Adelove blog reader. She’d have seen and read ma warning. Reference;Comment on Episode 4.

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