See how Nigerians scoop out fuel from tanker involved in accident along Benin-Auchi Highway (photos)

A Nigerian man Jack took to social media to narrate what he just saw along Benin-Auchi-Okene highway.

He said Nigerians came out to scoop fuel from a tanker involved in the accident even in the presence of FRSC officials controlling traffic.He wrote…

“This is NOT Buhari…This is NOT recession…This is STUPIDITY of the highest order.

I have just seen this accident between Agbede & Aviele along Benin – Auchi – Okene Highway…I came down to take photographs (with zoom from a distance) only for me to see people taking fuel…And Road Safety are right there controlling traffic…I immediately ran away shouting the heck outta the road safety men to drive everybody and leave there… May God help us”



  1. Well, to these people, I guess recession is worse than this risk. After all, death by this is sudden and that of recession is gradual and humiliating.

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