Serious drama Lagos pastor accused of sleeping with church members flies fence

According to an eyewitness, the disgraceful incident took place earlier today in the Fadeyi area of Lagos. A pastor who was accused of sleeping with female members of his church fled through a fence, after police arrived at the scene. The eyewitness said:

“This pastor (name withheld) who uses an uncompleted building in the area for church services was accused of sleeping with church members. Trouble started when he beat up one of the girls and cut her hair.

The girl then leaked the s*x part due to the fear of her hair being used for spiritual purposes. There are unconfirmed claims by some of the ladies that the pastor was using extraordinary means to sleep with church members.

On police arrival,the pastor escaped through the fence.”



    • Read the post well, they said the guy is using diabolical means to have his way with girls. Even if it’s not true, he has still failed as a so called pastor for engaging in fornication with church members.

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