Lady battered by man during Ghana Presidential election for celebrating the victory of Nana Akuffo-Addo

According to Facebook user, Don Sly, an unidentified man beat this lady up because she went out to celebrate the victory of Nana Akuffo-Addo in last Ghana Presidential elections.

He shared the photos and wrote; “Good morning GHANA. Look at what a man did to this woman yesterday 9t at New Tafo zongo. Just because she went to celebrate the victory of the NPP. The worse part of it is, the man is not married to this woman yet….! Please tell me, what does this man deserve?????”

He also said people around him have warned to stay clear of the case as the man who committed the crime is wicked but he has insisted on helping the lady get justice. “Again, this woman has nobody to talk for her,so I decided to speak nd find justice to this helpless woman, but secondly, the people around me in the society advised me not to involve myself into it bcos the man who did this horrible thing is an EWE nd he is very wicked, I got secured bcos I also have a family that needs me to be them even in a worse situation..! Shld I find justice to this helpless woman anaa mendwene ho???? Bring ur opinions please….!” he wrote


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