Man Deported From UK Kills His Father, Stabbed His Mother In Lagos (SEE PHOTO)

24 year old Bakare Babalola Rotimi Jnr has been arrested by the Lagos state police command for allegedly stabbing his 59 year old father, Bakare Babalola Rotimi, to death at their home in Magodo, Lagos state on Sunday December 4th.

According to Newsmen, Rotimi’s parents ordered him back to Nigeria from Ireland after it was discovered that he was a drug addict after living in Dublin since when he was seven years old.

He was expected to go to school but he ended up getting himself involved in drugs.

“This boy doesn’t even have an education. He has been living in Dublin as a kid and he refused to go school, instead he got addicted to drugs,”a family source said

The source added that on the day of the attack, the accused was passing the night at his parents home when he accosted his father in the toilet and ordered him to lie flat on the floor. He then brought out a knife he hid behind him and stabbed his father on the back.

His mother, after hearing her husband shouting for help, ran to the toilet only for her to also get stabbed. The father died on the spot while the mother was resuscitated by medical officers at the emergency bay on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

“He thought he had killed both of them. After stabbing them, he pulled out a cloth to cover them, and he went to the bathroom to clean up. He got dressed, took his father’s phones, his ATM cards and went straight to the father’s fuel station at Palm Avenue. He got there and started harassing the station manager, demanding for money.” the source said

The police was invited and the suspect was arrested. He has been transferred to the Homicide Section at the Lagos State CID in Panti for further interrogation.

“Just like his other brother (who is) studying Medicine in the US, he has been begging this boy to go to school and this has always been the cause of the misunderstanding.”the source added.



  1. Adelove, yet another misleading headline. If the boy was ordered back to Nigeria from Dublin,Ireland, how does that translate to deportation from the UK?

    If the headline can be misleading, who says the story isn’t?

  2. Why should a seven year old boy be left alone abroad. Misplaced priority. The street trained him cos he needed training. But this one is far from street credibility

  3. Spoilt child. Parents always remain the architect of whatever their children become.
    This boy was born innocent, but no thanks to some foolish & ignorant parental pamperings.

  4. May d good Lord have mercy on us all. But d truth of d matter is why should a child of seven years be taken to abroad? To do what & with who? Now they did not ask d boy to come back on time for rehabs. Well i think this will teach other rich parents a lesson. Some of this so call d riches has a poor brothers, sisters, niece, uncle that are very poor, they will not assist them,all in the name of sending their children abroad. RIP anyway.


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