Singer, MC Galaxy claims he invested N25m in MMM….. Could this be true?

Singer, Mc Galaxy claims he invested N25m in MMM that has currently frozen the accounts of it’s members.

He wrote; “That moment when u waiting for January 2017… God cover me over my enemies and mmm, 25m na waooo! My manager @woleogundarepush me to this smh #sad”

People will be claiming anything now…lol.



  1. MC galaxy is a liar the maximum u can put in MMM is 3million,where he con see 25m. So he is part of d media trying to scare people away. He his a big liar.

  2. MMM participants should not allow the scheme to die. FG CV is making lots of money from the scheme through the banks. As transfers are either on PH or on GH banks collect their taxes on each transaction. MMM should discourage greedy investors. Peg the level of investment. MMM will survive PMB onslaught.

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