Who is responsible for Reigners' Bible Church collapse?

A new blame game has ensued between the roof supplier, Mr. Idorenyin White and the Site Supervisor, Mr. Aniedi Augustine, following last Saturday’s Reigners’ Bible Church collapse.

The duo are accusing one another over the collapsed structure.

While Idorenyin, who handled the iron roofing of the church building, exonerated himself, saying all the pieces of advice he gave when he noticed some abnormalities in the building were ignored by the site engineer and supervisor, Mr. Augustine, the site engineer, said that the problem was not the structure but the roof, adding that he did not in any way direct that the scaffold be pulled out of the suspending roof.

But  Idoreyin  the Managing Director of White Steel Integrated Services explained that a day before the consecration of Apostle Weeks as Bishop, he told the construction committee members from the church that the scaffold that was inside the church should not be removed but nobody listened to him because the church have senior engineers.

Idoreyin blamed the cause of the collapsed church building on civil work and not from the roofing that he supplied to the church for the construction.

He added that the roof was heavier than the construction which was 50 per cent done.

His said: “On Friday the building has an issue. I called the site manager and showed him that this building has a problem and he saw it with me and he said that after the programme on Saturday that the building will be reinforced.

“I told the construction committee members of the church that the scaffold that was inside the church should not be removed but there was a lot of quarrel between me and the church because of the scaffold.

“Even another engineer said that the scaffold should not be removed until everything is being completed because the construction was still ongoing. So, the roof was heavier than the construction which was 50 per cent done.

“Earnestly speaking, I really advised that the scaffold should not be removed but nobody listened because they have senior engineers in the church.

“ So the fault is not from us, the fault is from the civil work.”

The consecration service of Apostle Akan Weeks as Bishop was in progress when his church building collapsed   Killing many worshipers and maiming others.



  1. So if the church building is only about 50% complete as at Saturday when the consecration event took place, why then was the church authorities hell bent on going ahead with the event, why couldn’t they wait until the building is ready, that is, if they must hold the event in that church, why the rush? The so-called bishop and the church construction committee should be held responsible and be charged for murder or manslaughter as the case may be!


  2. Ed you are right except in Nigeria nobody gets held responsible for accidents like this let alone Religious organizations and businesses. They are among the untouchables of our society. Well the Apostle/ Bishop will already be telling his gullible congregation that it is the work of the devil who has always been a liar. It does not matter that the building was not approved by the authorities as it has no approved design nor was any known Architectural firm used for such a massive structure. All wrong doings will be swept under the carpet because of the personality involved and of course the devil who is the culprit. The families of the victims will never be compensated as it is already proclaimed that they the victims are dining with our Lord in Heaven. We Thank The Good Lord that The Governor excaped being hurt. Part of the reason should be for the right thing to be done to avert similar incidents in future and for truth of what happened to be said and blames and responsibility appropriately apportioned.

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