EXPOSED: Man Who Brought MMM To Nigeria Collected Over N5bn

As investors continue to groan over the ‘crash’ of MMM ponzi scheme, a certain Chuddy Anayo Ugorji, popularly referred to as “The MMM-Nigeria number one Guider,” has allegedly raked over N5billion within a year from the embattled system.

According to a social media enthusiast, Somto Monanu, ‎“A visit to the MMM Nigeria testimonial page, you will agree with me that Oga chuddy has finish all una money.”

According to him, “Chuddy is the head Admin of MMM, he is the one who brought the scheme into Nigeria, he is the one who runs things at MMM just the way Mark Zuckerberg runs Facebook.”

“People fail to realise that a Website cannot create itself, a human being has to see through its day to day activities and Chuddy is the one behind MMM and the same Chuddy is also a participant of this same MMM and this same Chuddy is also the number one Guider on this same MMM.

“Don’t you already see that there is already A Red flag… well below is screen shot of money he has been collecting and displaying publicly only God knows the one he took in Private.

“He even collected some money, a whopping N6M on the 8th of December chai Oga Chuddy will paint his village red this December”, Monanu wrote on Facebook.

Similarly, another Twitter user Amadi Noel via his Twitter handle, @KingNoelC alleged that Chuddy Anayo Ugorji has raked over N5billion, saying, he brought MMM into Nigeria in 2015 after striking a deal with some Phillipinos to create “MMM Nigeria”.

My own is I just wonder how folks are sharing money without using the money to do any business.



  1. Paul is foolish guy, did Buhari tell you to go are play gamble like MMM? Which work did you do that makes you gain up to 30% ?greedy people like you.

  2. Lazy man way of making money. It usually boomerangs. Efcc should check it out, if the story is true then the culprit should face the music.

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