FFK commends Senate's refusal of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC chairman

He wrote; “#fightingfit. The bible says ” Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” .

Events at the Nigerian senate today have proved that scripture to be true. One down many more to go. Our God is mighty in battle. #kudostothenigeriansenate”



  1. So that idiot, Fani Kayode is now among the anointed
    Of course those corrupt politicians, both past and present, will hate Magu for his non compromising and incorruptible disposition
    We already new, even before the bogus screening, that Magu was up against loads of rogue law makers who have obviously ganged up with other public fund looters to push back at the government’s very plausible anti corruption drive
    Even Jesus was framed up and killed by the corrupt Jewish elite for his daring to tell them the home truth right to their face
    Fani Kayode is too daft to realise that if anyone is anointed in the context, it is obviously the upright Magu and definitely not any corrupt lout

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