Just in: Senate rejects Magu's nomination as EFCC boss

The Senate has turned down Ibrahim Magu’s nomination as Chairman of the EFCC.

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, who addressed journalists after a closed-door session on Thursday, said the rejection was based on “security report.”

He said the rejection would be communicated to President Muhammadu Buhari to take further action.

Details later…



  1. It would have been a miracle if this Saraki’s senate confirmed Mr. Magu. Just look at it: is it not this same Magu that said some weeks ago that he is almost ready to revive the corruption cases of the former governors many of whom are now in this same Saraki’s senate and u still expect these same thieves to purchase their coffins and dig their graves by confirming Magu? Come on, it certainly won’t happen! But the good news, Nigerians, is that PMB can actually leave Magu to function in acting capacity and still accomplish all he wants him to. So the Senate can go to hell, for all we care, as far as Magu’s confirmation is concerned!

  2. It didn’t come as a surprise
    The National Assembly is full of several hugely corrupt individuals of which the senate president and some others still have huge corruption cases hanging over their necks
    Now this guy Magu has proven to be upright, uncompromising and incorruptible
    From every indications, it doesn’t seem these bunch of law makers have the interest of this nation at heart, even a bit
    Magu is only paying the price of his doggedness on his strict implementation of the the government’s anti corruotion policy
    Corruption is really fighting back
    I weep for my country

  3. The Nigerian Senate has shown it’s pettiness in this case and in most serious cases affecting the good of Nigeria. Let them hold on to their confirmation. Magu will continue his good works by the grace of The Almighty. After cleansing the judiciary, the National Assembly will be next and the Senate knows it. It is even better as Magu cannot now be summoned by any committee of the senate. Thieves and looters that occupy the NAS

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