Checkout These Lovely Pre-wedding Photos of Zahra Buhari's Cultural 'Kunshi' Event

These are lovely and colourful pre-wedding photos of Zahra Buhari as she prepares to marry Ahmed Indimi today.

Zahra Buhari daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari looks extremely fabulous in her latest pre-wedding photos.

The colour Kunshi event shows the adorable Zahra with friends striking different poses as she prepares to marry Ahmed Indimi, son of billionaire mogul Mohammed Indimi today.

The photos were shared by wife of the president, Aisha Buhari on social media with the caption: “Cultural Henna Pre Wedding #Kunshi â ¤”.

The kunshi is a ceremony just like a bridal shower where the older women apply generous amounts of perfume and scented flowers on the bride, lalei (henna) is applied on the arms and feet of the bride and her friends. It serves as a form of decoration as flowers and other intriguing designs are drawn.


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  1. Tnx to ALLAH for ur be a muslim,marry to muslim,from muslim family.may God protect u.always. allow quran nd hadith to be guidance.fear Allah nd respect ur husband.wishin u muslim children very soon.

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