President Jacob Zuma narrowly escapes death as huge tent collapses during speech

President Jacob Zuma today narrowly escaped death as he had to stop mid-speech and run for cover when the tent he was in collapsed at a Day of Reconciliation celebration in Gopane, North West.


An online video showed that the celebrations had been disrupted by strong winds as Zuma was giving his keynote address. The president was rushed off the stage as the tent collapsed.

It said that banners at the podium could be seen blown away by wind as the President was giving his speech. In the video footage‚ the crowd is seen screaming as the tent is blown away. People had to run for cover.

It was unclear if anyone has been injured.

Before the tent’s collapse, President Zuma was enjoying a warm reception from the crowd as he conducted a lengthy history lesson on various aspects of the holiday.

As he turned to the topic of Marikana, declaring, “The incident was painful and traumatic not only for the families but all South Africans”, the tent collapsed.

Zuma was subsequently removed from the venue by his bodyguards.



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