I miss the good old days when we planned ahead to buy Xmas clothes, shoes, presents- Toke Makinwa

For media personality and writer, Toke Makinwa, 2016 has been a year of mixed feelings. But like a cat with nine lives, Makinwa, who has had her fair share off marital issues that almost drowned her career, picked up the pieces of her life and bounced back in style to shame her critics.

In what she described as one of her dark moments, Makinwa admitted that her world because torn apart in June this year when her marriage finally collapsed as she would later seek for a divorce. According to her, “my world fell apart. My world was crushed completely”. Makinwa came back stronger with the launch of her first book, ‘On Becoming’ that reportedly sold out in its first week of its release.

The book, which dwelled prominently on how her marriage to her husband, Maje Ayida, crashed, among other secrets gave Makinwa a new social status and consequently pushed her to another level with her fans praising her for taking the bold step to tell her own through her book.

Speaking on what prompted her to write the book, Makinwa said that “I have been given a platform to share and God was going to use my pain. In the pain there was a message and On Becoming was conceived. On Becoming is My journey through pain to victory. It is my prayer that God does what he planned from the start with this project. I can’t wait to put ‘author’ in my bio. I wrote a book, I did it.”

Makinwa, on Wednesday gave out N50,000 to the first winner in her giveaway to fans over the next few days to Christmas. “It is 10 days to Christmas and in the spirit of the season, I have decided to do a giveaway. This year has been tough financially, some people don’t even know what to do for their loved ones this Christmas?. I miss the good old days when we planned ahead to buy Xmas clothes, shoes, presents etc. i have decided to give out 500k and here’s how we would do it, no competition, no questions to answer, I will play Santa and over the next 10 days, 10 people will win 50k daily. I hope it helps to make your Christmas even better. Let’s begin.”


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