Nigerian Man Destroys the Bible, Uses It for Toiletries (Photos)

In yet another act of insanity displayed publicly on social media, a young man has destroyed the Holy Bible, saying it’s of the devil.

According to a young Nigerian man identified as Udummiri Nwakalu who shared the disturbing photos of himself holding a torn Bible on Facebook, the Holy book is useless and he uses it for toilet.

“Bible say this, Bible say that, can’t you think without the Bible. Your brain is obviously useless as without the Bible you can’t make any point. What if I tell you I use the Bible for toilet?

“You Christians have been burning several traditional shrines, you post it on Facebook, everybody cheer you and praise your nonsense Jesus. Today, I decided to share what it feels like. I have been using the bible for toilet about three months now, just that I decided to make it public today and you are talking nonsense in my post?

“God punish all of you there I don’t care. I must follow my ancestry ways I don’t care about any nonsensical nonsense human being here.

“I destroyed the Bible, it’s from the devil”



  1. He’s frustrated about his life… even being born does’nt mean life is gonna be a bed of roses, but the Lord will see us through all our troubles. Everything in the bible is true, there are proofs there in Israel that my dear Jesus died and rose. Halleluyah!!!

  2. When the pastors were burning the ancestral shrines and publishing it nobody talk now vis-visa all of you the captured mind started making noise. Go and get a life.

  3. Now don’t get it wrong nobody is forcing anybody to be a Christian so don’t condemn Christianity as for u why ur ancestry items are being burnt it because it diabolic, u can see for ur self that it is evil.the pastor or priest won’t burn any ancestry item unless u traditional worshipers say ur no longer interested in serving evil spirit in the form of wooden things made by man. u wanna try the supremacy of God? guy be ready for it consequence. ur psychologically sick.GET A LIFE MISERABLE DUDE

  4. No human being can fight for the Almighty God and I am sure that the Bible contains the word of God and nobody can destroy the word. The God of the Christians will fight according to how HE wants.

  5. Very Very laughable act. The word of God is indestructible my friend. Our God fights for himself. Don’t expect anyone to attack you. But when the plague comes to u, God’s doors are still open to you, God will welcom you with open arms.

  6. Saul of Tarsus did worse things than this. He was on his way to Damascus to continue with his persecution of Christians when Jesus met him. He first lost his sight and Jesus asked him a simple question – “Why are you persecuting me? It is difficult for you to kick against the pricks.” After his conversion, he became Paul who wrote 3/4 of the epistles and was the apostle sent to the Gentiles. He worked more than any disciple. I see you as a tool in His hand too, just like Paul. Congratulations in advance.

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