Ahmed Indimi Pictured Chilling with Other Nigerian Billionaire Children in a Private Jet (Photos)

Son of Nigerian billionaire, Ahmed Indimi who recently married Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter has been spotted enjoying inside a private jet.

This is the rare photo showing children of Nigerian billionaires enjoying themselves inside a private jet.

Pictured in the jet are: Ahmed Indimi; son of billionaire business Mohammed Indimi (he is the one in front to the right) who just got married to Zahra Buhari, his brother; Maikanti who is married to Aisha Dangote and behind them in light blue is Babagana Sherrif; brother of former Borno governor Ali Modu Sheriff and he’s married to president Buhari’s other daughter, Halima.



  1. Wealth is so unevenly distributed in the north sometimes I wonder if there are much middle class people up there. It’s either they are stinking rich or dirt poor.

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