(Episode 2) Wrong Turn … A fatal Attraction!

Bimpe staggered against the door of the bathroom, she slowly dropped to the floor.

Bimpe: “ Yeeh! Mo gbe! Mo ku oh! Mo tidaran” she wailed with her hands on her head. She brought out her phone and texted Brian’

Bimpe: “Sweety, come to the house immediately, it is urgent” she typed and sent. She decided to take her bath, after which she dressed up in a bum short and crop tee shirt.  She told herself that it was not a big deal, now that she was pregnant, she would marry Brian, while still in school, people did it every day, and this was the higher institution, not secondary school. Few minutes after, Brian came in, looking anxious, his eyes were questioning, seeing that Bimpe was physically alright.

Brian: “I thought the house was on fire” he said as a way of asking.

Bimpe: “I am pregnant” she said with a smile. First Brian’s face lacked expression, it was blank, then slowly, an angry scowl formed on it.

Brian: “What do you mean by this, if this is a joke, it is in poor taste” he said sternly. Bimpe was confused by his reaction, her heart began to fret but she gave herself an explanation, he was probably shaken when she sent the text.

Bimpe: “Baby, I am not joking, why would I joke with something like this, I am pregnant. I did a urine test. What is the way forward, after my exams, we could go to see my parents together” she said.

Brian: “Ha! Why didn’t you take care of yourself, are you a child? Anyways, we don’t have to see your parents, they don’t have to know”. Bimpe looked at him quizzically. Her brain was yet to connect with what Brian was saying to her.

Bimpe: “Egbon, what are you saying to me right now?”

Brian: “I have a very good doctor who will take care of it; it will be like it never happened”

Bimpe sat down hard on the chair, her world just crumbled before her eyes.

Bimpe: “Brian, don’t do this to me na, please I beg you, I gave you my virginity, don’t do this to me”

Brian: “Come on baby, I love you and I will marry you, but it will be on my terms, I don’t want to feel like I married you because you fell pregnant” he said and tried to pull her into his arms, she shifted away from him, sadness in her eyes. She stood up without saying a word, packed a few of her things, and her books and left the house. Brian just watched her silently.

Brian: “She will come around, they all do” he said to the empty house, a coy smile on his thin lips.

Bimpe took a bus back to the main land, she would go to the hostel, hopefully she would meet her former roommate, and beg her to talk to her brother, how she, just a girl of twenty would commit abortion.She told herself that if Brian really loved her, he wouldn’t ask her to commit abortion. She wished she never gave him her virginity, she felt pressured to keep him, she should have just let him go, now she wouldn’t be in this dilemma.

Bimpe: “Too late, can’t turn back the hands of time, ahead” she said as she wiped her eyes. She remembered the man she had met at Admiralty road the day she had found a woman in Brian’s house; she began to search her handbag for the card. She found it buried under other junk in the bag.

Bimpe: “If Brian forces me to abort, I will never forgive him, I will leave him and this man will be my chip in the bag. I cannot go back to a life of poverty” she contemplated as she looked at the card. Reaching the hostel, she met Oyinda with one of her classmates, the latter was teaching Oyinda a course, but Oyinda was not getting it.

Oyinda: “Why am I wasting my time with this, not like I will ever work in my life. I just have to sleep with Prof and this course is in the bag” she shoved the book away just as Bimpe entered.

Bimpe: “Oyinda” she said in a lack luster way.

Oyinda: “Iyawowa, why are you wearing that face na?”

Bimpe: “Is it not your brother?” she said and looked at Oyinda’s classmate

Oyinda: “Alright girlie, we will see in the exam hall tomorrow, bye and thanks”

Classmate: “you have not paid me for the lessons” she said

Oyinda: “Extortionist, what did I learn, that I have to pay you” she sighed and brought out two crispy one thousand naira notes. They watched as the classmate grabbed it and left. Bimpe thought that perhaps she could have taken up a job of home tutor by the side to make money, instead of being lured into this life. Too late, she told herself.

Bimpe: “I am pregnant for your brother” she dropped the bombshell. Oyinda stood up in surprise.

Oyinda: “Haba why didn’t you take care of yourself, are you a child?”

Bimpe: “If I hear that one more time, I will break someone’s head”

Oyinda: “Come on ore mi, it has not got to that”

Bimpe: “If I am your friend, help me talk to your brother, I don’t want an abortion”

Oyinda: “I will, look, there is a trust fund worth billions of naira, he can only access this when he gets married. I guess it is just initial gragra, he will marry you, if not for anything, for the billions involved”

Bimpe: “Thank you my friend” she said a bit relieved.

Things took a turn for the worst when Bimpe came back from her exams and met Brian and Oyinda, the latter looked at her pensively and shrugged. Bimpe’s heart fell when she saw the look on Brian’s face, before he opened his mouth, she knew he didn’t want the child, but she never knew it was worse than that.

Brian: “Bimpe, I am sorry that things have come to this. I wish I could follow you home to see your parents, but I can’t. When I saw you that day, I liked you, but I didn’t tell you that I had a girlfriend, who is my fiancée, she was in the United States, but now she is back, and she has picked a date. My parents are behind her, I dare not say otherwise. Please forgive me, we cannot keep this baby” he said and made to touch her.

Bimpe: “Don’t touch me”! She screamed

Oyinda: “Bimpe, take it easy”

Bimpe: “Thank you very much, Brian, please tell me a time that will be suitable, I want to come and pack my things”

Brian: “Don’t worry, I already brought them, they are in the car outside”Bimpe fought the pain, Brian really wanted her out of his life, after taking her pride, the tears won the fight, and streamed down her cheeks like rain. She moved like a robot out of the room, she saw Brian’s silver BMW, and walked to it, the boot of the car open, she turned and saw Brian behind her, she pulled out her luggage and went inside the room. She had got material things from Brian, but was it worth the pain she felt and the dilemma she was now in?  When she got into the room, Oyinda could not meet her eyes, she shook her head sadly, she just lost her lover and her friend on same day. She quickly changed into a denim playsuit and grabbed her Gucci bag, off she went. On her way out of campus, a car pulled over close to her, it had a tinted window. The window rolled down on the driver side, and Bimpe saw a beautiful lady, who looked like a half caste, she beckoned to Bimpe to hop into the car.

Woman: “I am Nena, a sister of the Sigma Delta Tau, our house is the white and gold mansion beside the Vice Chancellor’ administrative block. I want to invite you to our party, it is for new students who are interested in joining us. I have been looking for someone who deserves to be our sister, but have not seen, till I saw you” she said. Bimpe promised that she would come to the party that night. Immediately she alighted from the car,  she brought out the card Dominic had given her, she dialed the number with the iphone Brian had bought for her the first time they had sex.

Bimpe: “Hello Dominic, this is Bimpe, we met on Admiralty”

Dominic: “Oh cool, was thinking you were never going to call”

Bimpe: “Sorry dear, I have been busy with Exam preparations”

Dominic: “Are you free now, let me come pick you up”

Bimpe: “Sure”

Dominic drove to the hostel in his big Prado SUV, he took Bimpe and they drove to Sweet Sensations to eat. There they talked and got to know each other. There and then, Bimpe accepted his proposal to date her, she told him it was because, her ex broke her heart, but she didn’t tell him of the pregnancy. Their relationship was enviable by all, even Oyinda envied them. After her semester exams, Bimpe visited a clinic to carry out a D and C. That day she cried, every pain she felt from the procedure she cursed Brian. The next day after the procedure, she decided to spend her holidays with her family. Dominic bought things like Ankara materials, dry lace and shoes for her family. Bimpe still bought provisions for her father and clothes for her siblings. Dominic was really good to her, but she knew Brian did much more and yet still betrayed her, so she was not ready to be a fool the second time.


Question: Do you think Bimpe could have taken up a job of home tutor or selling at Stores by the side to make money than going out with a guy to loose her virginity?

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  1. Women’s mistake is the most costly. This Story alone is revealing a lot of secrets and mistakes women do. Hope we will learn a lot from this.. and not just for entertainment sake. #OneThingILoveReadingADELOVEBlog

  2. This story comes at the right time. I’ve been doing a research on a related topic like this. hmm.. Special THANKS to ADelove and Crew

  3. Bimpe should take it easy instead of moving from one man to another. Haba! She did not even give her broken heart some time to heal. I hope this Dominic is for real…. What is the source of his wealth self

  4. Our Ladies are so lazy to work or think outta the box. They want success at their finger tips without hustling for it. Who virginity epp? No one cares if you are a virgin or not this century of ours. next jawe

  5. at last, please adelove don’t allow me to wait so long before posting….. nice one, adebimpe, adeko dere…. yoy can get all the material things feoms anybody but your virginity can never be retrieve back. so sad!

  6. if she is d focused type she shud ve taking a job of a home tutor, bcos she has encountered Brian’s betrayal nd trust me from d look of tinz she wud want any man dat cme’s her way 2 pay 4 it nd by so doing she is becoming more wild….nice one Adelove kip d fire burning

  7. I guess dominic is a good person but bimpe will break his heart bcos she thinks all guys are the same and she will also join the secret cult…kudos adelove

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