Lagos Pastor Spotted Coming Out Of His Hummer Limo With Red Carpet Placed For Him (Photos)

The senior pastor of Christ Royal Family International Church Lagos, attended his church’s Christmas Carol Service in his hummer limousine over the weekend.

He had a small red carpet placed for him on the ground as he came out of any of his exotic cars…



  1. Though all amounts to vanity, but the whole disgraceful show is a mockery of red-carpetism. First, the carpet is so small, just like foot-mat, second, look at the dusty area they are doing red-carpet! Just making caricature of themselves, as red-carpet shouldn’t be by force!

  2. They are like the Jewish elites
    They wear the longest robes, sit at the most conspicuous places at the temple and make the most noise when praying
    Good thing, God will only judge mankind by the workings of the inner mind and definitely not by what one claim to be or how much one prayers or calls his name

  3. There’s no difference between Politicians and this New Generation Pastors
    Rather they have one thing in common. …..The Politicians feed fat on Tax payers money , Why Pastors leave large, fly around with private jet and drive exotic cars with Tithe payers money.

    See, God will judge humanity again.

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