Muma Gee Replies Husband's Accusation of Flirting With Men in Abuja

Following numerous accusations and allegations of cheating leveled against singer Muma Gee by her husband, the songstress has now responded.

There are indications that the marriage between singer Muma Gee and her actor husband, Prince Eke, might be in serious trouble after the actor took to social media to expose her wife’s dirty secrets in public.

Eke had accused the wife and mother of his kids of cheating and flirting around Abuja with different men. He further revealed that the wife ran off with men and left him with their kids. The father of three later posted that he is now single since the incident after accusing the wife of infidelity.

However, the wife has now responded.

According to a brief telephone chat she had with newsmen, Muma Gee, who initially said she wasn’t ready to comment on the issue, said she was in Abuja but strictly for her career.

“Are you saying I shouldn’t do my work again because I am married? I am in Abuja and I came to work. I have a show here. In fact, I am in a meeting right now. I don’t have any problem with whatever he says.”

When asked if she actually abandoned her children she said, “I have no comment. I have a new album, let him help me and market it. It is this kind of controversy that we are looking for right now,” she said.


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