See How Popular Lagos Socialite Chained Two Girls like 'Local Dogs' in Public (Photos)

A Lagos big boy who runs one of the most popular elite nightclubs in the commercial capital of Nigeria has demeaned two ladies by attaching dog chains to their necks in a public charade.

The manager of Club Uno in Lagos – Pretty Mike has incurred the wrath of Nigerias by chaining two masked ladies as they created a scene publicly.

The wealthy young man rumoured to be in a clandestine s*xual relationship with one cross-dresser named Bobrisky (Male) posted the images and video of the ladies being controlled with the chain on the street via his Snapchat account.

This has angered female folks who have berated him on social media for such daring abusive act. A close look at the files shared reveals such twin chains are actually used for dogs.



  1. The man has no blame whatsoever
    The slave girls should bear the blame for allowing themselves to be chained in that savage manner in this 21st century
    Wonder how much the wierd being paid them to put up this show of shame

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