We paid N2m ransom before I was released – Hon. Omale

Former council Chairman of Ogbadibo local government of Benue State, Hon. Adoyi Omale has disclosed that his family paid a huge sum of N2m before he was released from his abductors.


Hon. Adoyi was kidnapped by gunmen with full military uniform at Ajaokuta, Kogi State, at exactly 2pm of Monday, 12th December while travelling from Abuja to his country home, Owukpa in Benue State.

Though they were 5 occupants of the car, it was only Hon. Adoyi that the gunmen whisked away, leaving the remaining 4 Co-travelers and his car by the main road.

He was,however, freed on Thursday, 15th December, after a ransom was paid by the family.

Narrating his ordeal in Abuja on Sunday, the former council Boss said it was the most terrible part of his life and he wished that even his enemies should not experience it.

“I ran into a terrorist group at Ajaokuta, they looked like Fulani Herdsmen or Boko Haram, and I was taken for 4 days. It was gruesome, without water, without food. We trekked more than 100 kilometres, for the 4 days I spent in the forest, we were always trekking.hon2

“It’s not everyone who passes through such rigorous and traumatic experience that could come back alive. I now know why the kidnapped Rev. Fr. John Adeyi died in their custody.

“We were in a tick forest, following dried water channels, rocks, mountains, valleys, in fact, it was only God that delivered me, just like He delivered Jonah from the mouth of fish and Daniel from the Lion’s den.

“I am happy that my family were able to raise the ransom money and I was set free, after 4 days,” Adoyi said.

Hon. Adoyi also disclosed that his abductors, most of whom were Hausa/Fulani, also have intelligent personnel among them who always carry laptop computers and other digital gadgets.

“I was surprised when one of them broke into my phones without me giving him my passwords, and he perused through all my contacts, chats and even Facebook posts on my wall, to see my stands on religious issues,” he revealed.

He said as soon as the N2m was raised, one of his brothers and a friend of his, delivered the ransom in cash to the kidnappers in an unknown location.

The victim, however, expressed disatisfaction over the role played by the security operatives, arguing that they could have stepped up activities to salvage the situation.

He said, “after I was released, I went to the Police station to claim my car, because the kidnappers told me that they didn’t touch my car and that it was packed at the station.

“The police asked me to write a statement and I did. They then told me that they responded but they didn’t see us.

“The people in my car said the Police responded very late. They said the police did not respond up to about 2 or 3 hours after I was taken into the forest”.

Hon. Adoyi while appreciating his family and friends for the cogent response in raising the ransom, said he would forever be dedicated to serving the Almighty God and be committed to contributing to services to humanity.

He, however, explained that his kidnap was not politically motivated and admitted that the kidnappers also disclosed to him that they didn’t specifically come for him, saying that they were in their routine operations and that the victim was just being unlucky.

Hon. Adoyi said his abductors also confessed that whatever proceeds that come out of ransoms they collect did not belong to them (the kidnappers), as they were meant for an assignment elsewhere.

When asked if he could advise the federal government on how to curb the incessant kidnappings in the country, the victim said, “We are in trouble in this country!

“The situation whereby a large contingent of persons wearing Military camouflage can move uninterrupted across our territory without any challenge or any form of arrest, portends great danger to our security in this country. The earlier the government takes proactive actions to begin to track these gangs that are moving all over the places, the better for all of us”.





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