Jammeh refuses to step down

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh insisted Wednesday he would not leave office in January despite his defeat in an election this month, and called for a new vote.

“Justice must be done and the only way justice can be done is to reorganise the election so that every Gambian votes. That’s the only way we can resolve the matter peacefully and fairly,” he said on television.

“Unless the court decides the case, there will be no inauguration (of president-elect Adama Barrow) on the 19 January,” said Jammeh, whose party has lodged a complaint with the Supreme Court to overturn the December 1 vote result.




  1. Is History about to repeat itself. If so, is ECOWAS up to the task this time? Yahya Jammeh appears to have assumed a belligerent posture. Would the regional body send troops to eject him from power? If that is done, and I wish it done, it will send a clear message to Africa’s Sit-tight leaders that their shenanigans can no more be tolerated.

  2. ECOWAS , please put soldiers on the alert to push this man out of that government house and send him to jail , like others like him .

  3. He the gods wants to kill they first make mad. So this Jammeh man can not learn from history, he wants to die like a chicken. Really don’t know where he is getting all these his boastful posture from, is it not this small, groundnutlike Gambia that can be overrun within hours. Just wish no other Gambian will loose his or her life other than this foolishly stubborn Jammeh!

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