Man shares touching story of how his parents reconcile after 11 years of separation (Photo)

Parents of an Instagram user, @tobbiestouch, who were separated for 11 years and went through a bitter divorce have reunited again at their son’s home.

When his parents separated in 2005 and made it official by 2010, Tobbie said his life changed in so many ways. First, he lost his peace as his parents fought often like ‘cat and rat’, then he had to begin doing menial jobs to support himself.

He also learnt hairdressing by watching YouTube videos and with the income earned from it he put himself through school and went on to become a successful hairdresser.

This success is what brought his parents back together eventually. According to the post he shared on Instagram, his parents united again after he took them to go see his new house, during which they were able to resolve their differences and are now back together.

He calls their reunion ‘the best 30th birthday gift God gave him that money cannot buy.’ Congrats to them.



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